Women's & Children's Ministries

The following is a list of resources and links many of us have found helpful on the field in aiding us in women's and children's ministries. Please note these we do not endorse everything on these websites. As with everything, use discernment.
Take the good, throw out the bad!

Children's Ministry

Contains detailed Bible lessons from the Old and New Testament.  It also has worksheets, coloring pages and memory verses.  Also includes lessons and activities in Spanish!

Contains Bible lessons with science experiments.  Even includes helpful videos!

Guildcraft Arts & Crafts Blog
Lots of great seasonal craft ideas and free printables!

Bible lessons, crafts, games, coloring pages and more!

Little Blots of Faith
Bible lessons, crafts, and lots of printables!

Danielle's Place
Games, crafts, VBS ideas, & Spanish lessons.

Hand's on Bible Teacher
A blog by a pastor's wife that has been teaching for 25 years.
Lots of great ideas!!

Bible Resources for Children's Ministry
A great site with Baptist beliefs.  Lots of printables!

Betty Lukens Flannelgraph

A BMW Blog Post with a Collection of Ideas!

Discovery Education Puzzle Maker

Ladies Ministry

Contains many ideas for banquets, skits, devotionals, crafts, games and much more.

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