Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Ride of a Lifetime!

(Please enjoy this post, but also... please, please, please remember to pray for the safety of missionaries as they travel. Many of us drive, walk, ride in very dangerous situations.)


Let's just be blunt.

One of the first things all missionaries on any field has to learn is
how to get around on their field.

If you have ever said, "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it," missionaries have actually found that bridge and cross it frequently.

Yes, going on foot is an option widely used around the world, but for longer distances other methods may be more practical.

Personally, I started with the scooter method. When we first arrived, I had absolutely no experience with scooters. So, after two months of finding every excuse not to drive the scooter, Jason finally told me, "Honey, it's time." Sigh... After a few brief instructions from my husband, I jumped on the scooter and proceeded to drive in circles in our driveway. Well, they weren't exactly circles actually. It was more like funnel cake squiggles, but the more I practiced the more circular my driving became. (I only ran into the wall a few times.)
Then, I added obstacles to my path.

Why obstacles? Well, for a more realistic driving experience!
These are the roads I have to drive on...

I practiced being a human pinball for hours and hours. I spent an entire month preparing myself. Then it was time for the real thing. One weekend, I drove to church. My stomach was in knots. I literally thought I might toss my cookies when I arrived at church,
but by God's grace my cookies stayed in place. Success! Time for a little off-road celebration!

Yes, I am officially a scooter driver. I overcame my fears... well, actually I have just learned to ignore them. And I pray. A lot! But getting around on the field requires a person to be willing to get outside their comfort zone. We have to be ready for anything...
including driving in monsoon season.

But missionaries will do whatever they must do to reach the people God has called them to.
A little water doesn't stop a good missionary!

Sommer Family- Ghana

They just throw on life vests if they need to!

Hernandez Family- Amazon Basin

Over the river and through the woods... wherever they need to go.

Hernandez Family- Amazon Basin

Sommer Family- Ghana

They want to reach the people. So, they will pile everyone in or on whatever they can. Five people on one scooter? No problem!

Hernandez Family- Amazon Basin

And bus ministry? Who needs a bus!

Jacobo Family- Honduras

They just keep packing them in until it gets a little tough to breath!

Charity- Southern Asia

Missionaries learn to hold on tight and go with the flow.

Jarvis Family- Honduras

Abrams Family- Hong Kong

Public transportation? No worries.
Buses, taxis, and micros (minivans) are available on many fields. 

Sommer Family- Ghana

So stop in and visit us! Missionaries know how to get you around from place to place. Transportation is our specialty! We will make it as pleasant as possible. If the crowded streets are too much for you, try a little off-road travel!

Bauer Family- Australia

And if it gets too hot, by all means we will gladly turn on the air conditioner for you...

Shull Family- Greenland

The ride of a lifetime!

Proverbs 4:18  "But the path of the just is as the shining light,
that shineth more and more unto the perfect day."

(Thank you to all who contributed to this post!)

by Charity, Southern Asia

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Lou Ann Keiser said...

Well written and so fun! Yes, everyone, please pray for your missionary's safety as he does what you do everyday--goes out into real life. Real life some places is extreme. Loved the photos!