Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Missionary House Tours - Come Link Up!

Are you curious what the inside of a missionary's house looks like?  Want to get a "keeping it real" look at how these missionaries live?  Then here is your chance!  Join us for a home tour blog hop here at Baptist Missionary Women!

Missionaries, please link up your house tour below.  Whether you have posted to you blog recently or years ago.  Let's see it!  If you've done it in several blog posts, please share each one separately.

A few ladies don't have a blog, so I'll share their house tours on this post.


Dee and her husband are furlough replacement missionaries.  While filling in for a young family with 4 children in Ireland, here is where they stayed...

And here is their living room while filling for missionaries in Hungary: 
The LaRue Family
Missionaries on Deputation to Chile
Decorated the bedroom. Cheap $3 clearance decals from Target!

Hanging clothes on the line using our trailer awning while in Montana!

My kitchen!
Ironic decal I found and put on my pantry/linen closet door. I love our tiny home on wheels!!

The top bunk bed (and my youngest son with a book).

And here he is, showing off the bunk bed ladder. :)

One of the many views we've had in our trailer!!

My boys hanging out in the dining area :)
Now it's your turn!  Please link up your blog post(s) below.
Be sure to copy the url of your blog post only!


Rachel said...

Great idea! I love seeing inside other missionary homes.

HeidiAnn Geiger said...

Thanks for all the wonderful tours of missionary homes. :) It is great to see how God has blessed each of us.

MrsJohn said...

Enjoying these tours! So much fun :)