Friday, November 14, 2014

Gleanings from the Fields ~ BMW 366 Day Devotional Book

For those of you who have ordered copies of our new devotional book, please read carefully and send payment as soon as possible.

-Finally I have worked out a price for Gleanings from the Fields. But first, let me explain. I want to be honest and up-front with you all. It was difficult to work out the postage costs, as we have no way of knowing how much the book will weigh. The book I had published a couple of years ago has 215 pages and weighs 180g. But our book has 390 pages. If the book goes over 250g, it jumps up into the next weight category for postage. So I have opted to charge you all at the price for the higher weight category (it only adds US$1). If it turns out that the book is under 250g, that means I will make a $1 profit per book, which, with your permission, I would donate to our church's building fund (reimbursing you all individually would be a headache, and would also incur PayPal fees, so it wouldn't be worth it).
 The price of the book will be as follows:
US$8.50/book sent to all addresses outside of the EU (European Union)
US$7.00/book sent within the EU
US$6.50/book sent within Romania.

This price includes the book itself, protective packaging, postage, and PayPal fees.

I have looked into the costs for those of you who are ordering multiple copies, and it appears that it will be cheapest to send each book individually, as the prices go up exponentially with each new weight category. That means that for those of you who have ordered 60 books (yikes!), you will receive 60 individual packages! If this is inconvenient for you, please spare a thought for me, who gets to write an envelope for every single one of our 918 orders!

It would make my life easier, if you have ordered for several friends and their copies are part of your order, if you have your friends pay you, and then you pay me once.
My PayPal address is:
Don't forget the .au 
~Suzy Crocket

I personally want to thank Suzy for all the hard work she has put into collecting the devotionals and getting the book published, and Myra for all her hard work in typesetting.  We don't see all the behind the scenes work, but these ladies have sacrificed a lot of time and effort in part of this book.  From the bottom of my heart, Suzy and Myra, thank you!



Garry Wesner said...

I just paid for the seven I ordered. Thanks for being such a blessing to so many people!

samantha said...

I am so excited about getting my copies and sharing them with friends.

Jen Bauer said...

Thank you, both. :)