Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lessons from an Earthquake

The following is from a BMW working in the country of Nepal. Nepal was devastated by a 7.8 earthquake on April 25th. On May 12th, another large 7.4 earthquake struck creating panic and additional destruction to an already hurting people.


"And the angel of the LORD came again the second time, and touched him, and said,
Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee." 1 Kings 19:7

The Lord came to Elijah when Elijah had given up. Elijah was drained. Finished. Burnout had set in. He was at the end of himself in the midst of a fierce spiritual and physical battle.

Now more than ever I can relate to these words: "The journey is too great for thee..."

Yes. Yes, it is.

Woman in a village that had run out of food

The first earthquake hit on April 25th. And two and a half weeks later, just as everyone was beginning to feel confident... safe... on May 12th the second large earthquake came.

The journey is to great for thee...

With every aftershock, nerves are rattled. Sometimes I just wish life could go back to normal.

The journey is too great for thee...

Twisted, collapsing building in the hardest hit area of Kathmandu, the capital

Sometimes rising up early to prepare food for my husband and relief workers for the day... going to bed late because of preparing bedrooms and meals and towels for showers for relief workers and missionaries who needed a place to stay for the night all while trying to keep up with daily mommy and wife duties...

The journey is to great for thee...

Medical relief team at work in a remote village

And traveling on the roads, seeing the devastation... feeling so powerless to fix it all. Emotionally draining. Spiritually trying. Physically exhausting.

The journey is too great for...well, for ME!

Two large earthquakes? Wasn't one enough? Especially with all the aftershocks!

"And the angel of the LORD came again the SECOND time, and touched him, and said,
Arise and eat..."

Transporting a sick 97 year old man from a village who survived the earthquake of 1934 and 2015

Sometimes we joke that this isn't what we signed up for as missionaries, but honestly, it is. We knew coming here that the journey was too great for us even without earthquakes and devastation. I can't leave now. My heart is here. Our calling is here. And the people need us now more than ever. But the journey is too great for me!

How sweet it has been to have the Lord sustain us, to come along side and say, "Arise and eat." He knows our limitations. He knows we are just flesh. But He wants us to experience His strength and grace. It is sufficient. And He never told Elijah He would make the journey easier. He said, "Arise and eat." Eat of His food. Partake of His strength. Go on His sustaining grace.

Are you going through a journey too great for you?

Arise and eat! Come before His throne. Sit at His feet. Get in His Word. Experience His compassion, His strength, His grace! Yes, the journey is too great for thee...

But it is perfectly sized for you to get to know your Father more intimately. The journey is never too great for Him.

Verse on my kitchen wall... Arise and eat!

(Please continue to pray for the people of Nepal. If you would like to give toward the relief efforts, please visit WGCR Christian Radio Station and Change the World Relief Organization.
100% of the funds go directly into helping the people of Nepal.)

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Jessi said...

Thank you for this post. It is so sweet to see how God is drawing you close to Himself and giving you strength through that closeness to Him. My heart breaks when I see the pictures of your suffering people and read your posts, Charity. Our family and our church here in Kenya are praying much for you all.