Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gleanings Devotional Update

GLEANINGS UPDATE: So it's been 7 weeks since I sent off the last of the book orders. You really should have your books by now if they haven't gotten lost. So... if you still haven't got your books, please comment your name and number of missing copies below. THEN, send me a PM with your shipping address. You must do both. 
NOTE: I only have 85 copies left over, so if there are more than that gone missing, it will be first in, best dressed, and everyone else will receive a refund. This is unfortunate, but it would simply cost me too much to get a small number re-printed. However, we do plan on producing it as a free e-book in the near future. Also, (and I hate to ask), anyone who is willing to help with the cost of re-sending their copy, it will be a blessing. It will cost me $5 per book to re-send them, and if there are a lot, I'll be considerably out of pocket. Thank You!

By Suzie

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