Thursday, June 16, 2016

Loving the Small Stuff

Everyday Life isn't full of momentous triumphs or floods of tangible blessings. But there is no doubt everyday is flooded with more blessings and beautiful moments then we deserve. Throughout everyday there is difficulties. Plans rarely go as planned. There are plenty of things that tempt us to complain. The devil would love to steal our joy and draw our focus to the small things that plague us. A small fox can truly spoil the vine BUT ,also as powerful, small blessings can encourage beyond measure.

Today was nothing special but just another day full of many small blessings. Just another day when I felt blessed to be a child of the Lord and in His service. We are blessed to have a friend visiting us from our home church. It has been a great time of fellowship, fun and service. Today we ventured out to the zoo.

We all enjoyed seeing the animals as the raindrops fell intermittently. We met with friends and laughed and played.

The kids enjoyed seeing the zoo for the first time. I feel happy every time I get to experience my child discovering something new and the joy it brings. Then we introduced our friend to one of our favorite restaurants. We ate as much as we could handle and carried tired babies to the car. We counted our blessing to have a car on such a rainy day far from home.

On a day like this white clothes on a 1 yr old boy isn't the wisest choice. As I soak his tiny once white clothes, now covered in sand, dirt and Mexican food I count my blessings the Lord has blessed me with a small boy who runs, throws, yells and growls. For I know I am blessed to raise such a little boy for the Lord.
As the sun begins to set and this little tired boy has fallen to sleep, Daddy decides we VERY much needed a dessert. The clock was ticking on the amount of electricity we thought we had, so all hands were needed. Little hands and big gathered in the kitchen as we raced to get our treat done in time.
Daddy also decided we should make the cookies green for our little princess who loves all manner of color. They sadly turned out looking more like spinach flavored cookies than the bright green we imagined. On spontaneous moments like this I'm thankful for family and friends. A spouse who is loving and true, friends who sacrifice and travel great distances to be a part of your life and a beautiful child whose only goal in life is to do everything with you.
She joyfully awaited her creation to come out before bed time came. Leave it to a child to show you how to find joy in anything.
The cookies are done. The babies have fallen asleep and all is quiet in our home. Just another normal day. Nothing extraordinary has crossed my path. Just this extraordinaryly blessed life the Lord has given me. Today I choose to love the and take joy in all the small blessings He sends.



Sherry Lounsberry said...

How very sweet. So enjoyed being a part of your day by reading your blog.

Duane and Shellee said...

What a lovely reminder to enjoy our everyday blessings that God gives us!! Thank you!