Thursday, August 11, 2016

Resting in Submission

Though the 10 years my husband and I have been married, submission hasn't always been easy. Still many days it isn't what my flesh desires but my heart longs to do the best I can to follow joyfully in the role God has given me. Today, I don't write to tell you the "Key To Submission" or "10 Ways To Be A More Submissive Wife". Today I just want to give a brief view of the blessings of embracing our God given role. These past few weeks God has been showing me how blessed and peaceful a heart can be when resting in the role He gave me.

Have you ever found yourself being choked by emotional stress, bogged down by "what ifs" and "how tos", fear about the future and all the details surrounding it? Have you found yourself asking;

Where will the money come from?

What's the next step for us?

What will everyone think of how God is leading my husband?

How will we accomplish all God has called my husband to do?

Have these statements recently crossed your mind or lips? I know there has been many days, they have run through my mind or even popped right out of my lips. Sadly, many days I have been driven to tears by the fears I have succumbed to about many of these issues. Do you think the Lord wants this for us? Do you think he wants us live lives overcome with stress and fear? I believe not.

Many times the Bible says to us, "Fear not". Time and time again he tells us of his promises to care for us and provide for us. I could quote scripture all day. But you know what I think is one of the biggest hindrances to peace in the life of a wife, when it comes to these issues?

Taking on the responsibilities of the husband.

Who did God give the responsibility to care for the provision of the family's needs? God expects the husband to give account for the welfare of his family. Now, there are many details within the family that I believe the wife also is largely responsible for but when it comes to the livelihood and survival of the family and the man's calling and ministry, I believe he gave that burden to the man. There are tons of ways we can be a helpmeet to our husbands in these burdens and responsibilities but it's when we begin to emotionally shoulder the burden of responsibility that we begin to crumble and .....shall we say, lose our graceful demeaner (code for going crazy lady:).

In our short time of marriage I have realized that troubles will come; financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I have also seen how my peace dissolves when I begin to ponder and scheme how to provide for my husbands role. I have also seen the abiding peace the Lord can give when I give it all to Him and to my earthly provider my husband and trust God to work through them. It is also amazing to see the peace it adds to your home and support it gives to your spouse as he shoulders these responsibilities. This is the beauty of submission.

Women who don't believe in submission, strive to do everything their husbands do and to carry the same load. Now we all know in marriage we both carry equal loads. Equal doesn't mean the same. We have recently been watching the 2016 Olympics. It's amazing to me to watch all the different athletes. They are all amazing, strong and talented individuals! If you look closely you will see that each sports athletes are built drastically different. One has shoulders that are strong and built with muscle. While others are sleek and slender. One needs to be unusually tall to compete well, while other sports favor petite people. God has made their bodies and they have trained their bodies to be equal to the rigors of that sport. The same is true in marriage. God has built and designed us each perfectly to be equal to the role he has made for us. It is only when we step outside of that role either verbally or emotionally, that we flounder and fail. Just as a gymnast would if they tried to compete in water polo. Is the gymnast less of an athlete because she can't beat the opponent in water polo? Of course not. Is the gold medalist in swimming an inferior athlete to the gold medalist in running? No! They are both equal and incredible. When they work together they make the USA shine to the whole world. The same is true when we work and live in our God given role in marriage. We are content, happy and satisfied.

Fear comes naturally to our flesh. I also realize that in extreme situations many times women have had to pick up the torch and bear the husbands responsibility who refuses to provide physically for his family. That is a sad day and I hope and pray that God has blessed you all with husbands who strive to provide for you and lead you in Gods will. But many times we have good husbands ,how be-it imperfect, who have never let us go hungry and never let us miss a bill and yet we still walk in fear and worry. Many of us our blessed with husbands who strive to follow Gods will in life and ministry. So let's count our blessings and not pick up the burden of responsibilities meant for stronger shoulders. Let's not fret about how Gods calling on your husbands life will pan out, where God will lead you next, or what Gods will for him is. As my lovely friend and mentor told me, "A wife's job is the same everywhere." So we needn't fret where we will continue that task.

The Lord gives immeasurable peace when we rest in our role. When we devote ourselves to doing the best we can at being the best wife and mother we can be and leave the husband-size burdens to our strong Olympians:) I'm continuously amazed at how well Gods word works when we put it in practice!


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Joyful said...

This post really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing it. God bless. xx