Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Creamy Tortellini Soup


I don't know about you but when the cold winds blow I have a serious hankerin' (southern slang) for soup. When we are home and not traveling we have it every week. And not just the same ole potatoe and chicken noodle; I love to experiment and eat as many varieties of soup as possible! If you ask anyone who is around my cooking they can vouch that I love variety! Eating the same thing is cruel and unusual punishment for me;) We probably don't have the same soup more than twice a year. So when someone gave me a bag of tortellini my wheels began churching about soup.


So gather up your veggies, dairy products and a chopping block and let's get going.

Toss them in the pan watch it shrink and sweat.


Yum. I encourage you to chop up your spinach roughly. I didn't and it was a little clumsy and hard to chew.

Serve up some soup by itself or with some garlic toast, grilled cheese, baked potatoe or whatever sounds yummy.

Hope you all enjoy some warm yummy soup to keep you cozy this winter, wherever winter may find you. I know some of you live in tropical areas that never see winter. Do y'all still eat soup? I imagine it wouldn't be as tempting. Hope you all fill your tummies with some delicious food whatever it may be, God bless.


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Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! We live in the tropics, but still eat soup several times a week. :)