Monday, July 28, 2014

What I Learned from My Homeschool Room: We're in a War!

"What's your name?" Seth asked our new electrician. We needed someone to run some electrical lines for our homeschool room that we were building out of our old garage.

He was named after a beer company. (We'll call him "Bud.") "Let me guess..." Seth surmised, "You like to drink?"

"Too much," he laughed.

He did a pretty good job on our electrical needs, and we attempted to do a pretty good job of evangelizing him; but he wasn't interested.

Then a few weeks later, Seth preached at a nearby funeral. At the meal afterwards he and a church member were discussing how to reach our neighbors in spite of their seeming disinterest when Seth heard his name called. It was Bud!

"Pastor, Pastor," he greeted Seth.
"Hi, Bud. Did you hear my message?"
Bud affirmed that he had.
"So are you coming to church tomorrow?"
Bud said he would come "someday."
"But," Seth argued, "you just said you heard my message today. How can you strive to enter in at the narrow gate [one of Seth's texts at the funeral] if you won't come to church to hear God's Word?"
"Yes, Pastor," Bud repeated, "I'll come someday."

That happened Saturday morning.

Sunday morning, just as we were heading out the door for church, Seth got a phone call from our builder for the homeschool room.

Bud had died the night before, Saturday evening. He was struck by a car while walking home. Our adversary devoured Bud before he had come to Christ.

Today is the day of salvation. Pray for the lost. Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in!

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Felicia said...

Amy, what a sobering reminder that the time is at hand to reach the lost with urgency. Thank you for grave reminder and know Seth did his part as a good soldier for Christ.
Matthew 10:7