Did you ever stay in someone’s home, and as a result your family was changed forever? This happened when my husband and I were traveling for a summer with a singing group for our college. We met so many wonderful people that summer. One couple, in particular, was a pastor and his wife, with their very young children.
I have to admit, when we pulled up to stay with them in their tiny trailer with their two babies, I was a little nervous. Despite my anxieties, however, when we walked into the pastor’s home, the living room was the picture of peace. Two babies were playing quietly on the floor and our hostess, who looked happy and refreshed, had soup and sandwiches waiting for us.
After lunch, the littlest baby started fussing. The pastor’s wife picked up the baby and excused herself to the baby’s bedroom. Not a moment later, the mother was right back in the living room with us and…everything was quiet! “He’s already asleep?” I asked in great surprise.
“Oh no. But, he’ll be asleep in just a moment.” Just like that. No struggle. No crying. I was shocked. The baby awoke about an hour and a half later singing in his bed and was very happy to get his little snack. When bedtime was just as easy for both babies, I was in complete awe of this mother. “This is the mother of the year,” I thought.
The next morning, we were greeted by two happy babies eating their breakfast. I was amazed with this mother! Here she was with two young children, a toddler and a baby, and she was not complaining about her lack of sleep or how hard mothering was and on top of that she was being a blessing to others! I was ready to write down any advice this mother had! “How do you have such well-behaved babies and how do you get them to sleep so easily?” I finally asked her...
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