Thursday, October 1, 2015

My People (Book Review)

I don't do tons of book reviews. Matter of fact, this is my first on this blog. But every now and then I come across a book that is too good not to share.

A precious moment of reading pleasure... please excuse the alligator photo bomb.


I love to read. I especially love to read nonfiction. And I really, really love to read things written by missionaries who keep things real, but keep them positive... pointing to the goodness of God instead of drawing attention to the "poor, suffering missionary."

It's no wonder I have fallen in love with this book: My People by Dr Mike Patterson.

Right now my schedule is ridiculously busy. I homeschool my children, teach at the Bible college, go to language school, teach the children's class at church, and play the piano for each service. The schedule leaves little time to breath... much less read.

But this book fits perfectly! It is a collection of short stories and letters-- an anthology. Each one is short enough to squeeze in a section while I wait for something or someone. And the stories? Well, let's just say there was one section (A Missionary Daddy's Prayer) that was worth every penny I paid just by itself... three pages of some of the most powerful, convicting, and edifying writing I have ever read from a missionary. I wasn't sure if I should stand up and "amen" or crawl beside my bed to kneel in prayer. I must confess... I did a little of both. And the other stories are just as powerful. 240 pages of beauty.

Dr. Patterson keeps it very real. He exposes many trials and triumphs faced, many lessons learned, and many moments where there was no explanation other than the Lord did it. Some of the stories read like a blog post. Others read like a prayer letter. And still others read like a devotional. Many of the stories are perfect for missionary moments in Sunday school or in family devotions. They give a great inside look into the life of a missionary... as well as an inside look of how God works in the heart of the missionary and the missionary family.

This book is challenging and uplifting. Right now, our family and friends in this country are facing some pretty tough situations: shortages, a fuel crisis, protests, and more. It is such perfect timing to read the writings of a beautiful servant of the Lord who has experienced so much, and has testified that through it all... God was good!

Thank you, Brother Patterson. We have never met to my knowledge. But you taking the time to pen these things down sure has blessed this BMW. 

by Charity, Southern Asia

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M. Womack said...

I know Dr. Patterson and can say that he is a very kind and humble man. You will not regret buying this book.