Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thinking Outside the Box

You love missionaries.

We know that's true because you wouldn't hang around this site so much if you didn't!

But what if you wanted to show your love to someone special on the foreign field? I know you have probably thought about sending care packages... That was the topic of two recent blog posts here on the BMW blog site. (Just a Can of Yams and Care Package Tips)

But what if sending a care package isn't realistic?

What if they cannot receive care packages because of location or cost?

What if you cannot send a care package because the shipping cost is more than you paid for your groceries for your own family the entire previous month? Yes, we understand... and, no, that isn't an exaggeration for some foreign fields!

So what do you do?

Some BMWs came together and created a great list of ideas to help you think...

Outside the Box.


Envelope Ideas

Cards, Letters, Notes
Just the other day, I wasn't feeling well. My husband came home with mail for me. I opened the envelope that came from the States to find the happiest greeting card. It had a beautiful autumn landscape pictured on the front. Oh how I miss the changing leaves and the crisp fall feeling! That card was just what I needed. Often, the thing missionaries need most is just to be remembered. A simple, handwritten note or a special greeting card means more on the field than it ever did when I lived in the States. Christmas, birthdays, Easter... It just feels good to know we are not forgotten! And even more exciting? Cards and letters that come "just because"... no holiday needed! 

Hug in a Mug
Ahhh... to open a greeting card and find a couple of specialty flavored tea bags! What a happy moment! And then to sit down with that warm, comforting mug of tea after a tough day of ministry... it's like getting a Hug in a Mug!

Yankee Candle Car Fresheners 
Many women love scented candles. This is a great envelope-friendly version.

Christmas Ornaments
(small, flat, nonbreakable... like cross stitched ornaments) 
Some fields (like mine) have very limited holiday supplies and decorations. Holiday decorations are priceless!

A couple of years ago, we came up with a list of items for children that can be easily stuck in an envelope with a greeting card.
We keep adding to that list as we come up with more great ideas.
Here's the list:
  1. bracelets
  2. balloons
  3. stickers (especially holiday or character stickers)
  4.  lightweight paperback books
  5.  crazy character bandages
  6.  Pixy Stix
  7.  Sports Cards
  8.  gum
  9. Post It notes
  10.  hair ribbons
  11.  necklaces
  13.  tiny notebooks
  14.  small hair accessories
  15.  luggage tags
  16.  magnet frames
  17.  Airheads Candy
  18.  Pop Rocks candy
  19.  sleep eye masks
  20.  card games
  21.  gel pens
  22.  photos
  23.  pencils
  24.  Koolaid packets
  25.  activity books
  26.  Mac and Cheese powder packets
  27. Small foam craft kits
  28. Small wooden glider plane kits
  29. The "Grow in Water" toys

Electronic options... no shipping!

Amazon and iTunes Gift Cards
You can send a missionary an electronic gift card through email. The missionary can then use the gift card to download electronic items like Kindle books, a treasured Christmas movie, their favorite music, and more!

Sometimes, just to be honest, a little extra cash would be the most helpful.

Staying in touch
More than anything, what encourages your missionary the most is staying in touch. Whether you send a care package, a card, an email, or a gift card, we just want to know you think of us.


by Charity, Southern Asia

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