Thursday, November 17, 2016

Furlough Fitness Part 8 (How I Do It, Dress)

How I Do It

So far on furlough, I have lost 34 pounds.( My husband has lost 41 pounds.) I am not a doctor, nutrition expert, nor a fitness guru, but this is what works for me in case you can glean some tips from what I do.

  • I try not to eat any later than 6 pm. This doesn't always happen because of travelling and church times, but I try.
  • I exercise five times a week with some form of cardio each of those days and strength training twice a week.
  • As far as food, I take a balanced approach of not too much fat and not too many carbs. I track my eating on MyFitnessPal to keep my calories in check, too. I aim for 1500 net calories or less a day. (Calorie intake - exercise calories burned = net calorie intake)
  • I drink 2500 ml of water a day.
  • I eat whole wheat instead of white flour and I eat a high fiber diet.
  • I try to eat my carbs earlier in the day.
  • I try to eat fresh foods instead of processed foods.
  • I weigh every day in the morning before breakfast. I don't suggest this for everyone. For me, it helps me see which specific foods cause water retention or how different factors are affecting me. It isn't necessarily just to see if I have lost "weight." I occasionally take body measurements.
  • If I get hungry in the evening... truly hungry and not just fidgety or stress-eating hungry... I eat popcorn or drink hot tea. The popcorn is freshly popped, not buttery bagged popcorn.
  • I eat three meals a day with two snacks in between the meals so that my blood sugar level doesn't drop.
  • Every meal has a protein in it, and often the snacks are protein. Fiber and protein help you feel fuller longer.
  • Portion control is a major factor. I pay a lot of attention to proper serving size.
  • It really isn't about will power. We try to keep junk out of the house and have healthy options easy to grab.
  • I plan ahead!
  • I seek out accountability and encouragement.

Kristine's Corner

Furlough Tip:
Before you begin furlough, try to visualize the delicious, healthy food options that you will be able to get that you do not have on your field. I was very excited to try desserts sweetened with Stevia, Ezekiel bread, and inexpensive almond milk. I couldn't wait to eat raspberries, peaches, and avocados. Instead of focusing on my favorite high-calorie meals at restaurants, I got excited that I could order low carb meals or eat salads. Lettuce isn't safe in our field. Focus on the positive, healthy foods that are still a treat. Success on furlough is as easy as your mindset.

Getting Dressed for Success

Yes, I run in skirts... and I love it. I love the freedom of movement and the modesty it adds. But...

Athletic skirts are expensive! I scoured the internet for options and found the options were not in my budget. I also found that many of the skirts were much shorter than I am comfortable wearing even with leggings underneath them. So I went on a different search. I went looking for skirts (or dresses) made of the same material!

I found these two gems at Dress Barn on clearance.

They are lightweight and very stretchy. Perfect for exercising. The length falls right where I like for easy mobility. The skirt portion is just heavy enough to drape and not ride up as I run. I can easily wear a moisture-wicking athletic shirt underneath the top. Leggings underneath complete the outfit.

The price? $12 each! That's much better than the $50-$80 athletic skirts I was seeing. Same material... better feel... much better price!

I also found this skirt for just a few dollars more. Not only can I run in this skirt, but I can also wear it for everyday use.

The shoes. I invested in good shoes appropriate for the exercise I do. I run a 5k three times a week. That requires good running shoes. Running in walking shoes or cross-trainer shoes can actually cause physical problems like runner's knee and shin splints. Running in poor quality shoes can do the same. So rather than pour money in the athletic skirts, I invested money in shoes. I have not regretted it either. These are the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32. They were on clearance at the Nike store for $59.


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