Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Yummies


It's that time of year. Hearts, cards, and love is floating everywhere! And it has floated right into my kitchen:) We got home late last night from three days of driving and I decided to have some fun kitchen time with my munchkins and save some of the goodies for my big love too! So we started the morning with heart pancakes. Heart shaped for Mommy and Daddy and chocolate chip hearts for the kiddos.

We made of course our tried and true favorite pancake recipe.

Then when that sugar high wore off and naps had been had we donned our aprons and began cupcake making!



While living overseas, I found a link in all recipes that I'll share that has recipes for the normal flavors of boxed cakes. I found it a handy conversion when I found a recipe that called for a box mix.


As they were cooking we decided to whip up some icing. As my habit is, I found myself running low on butter so we decided to make something new for the icing. I found a cream cheese/ cool whip type icing that was begging to be tried.

It was definitely worth the try. I made a half recipe, as I feel icing recipes are always too big!
1 C powdered sugar
4 oz. cream cheese
Beat these two
Separately beat 1 C of cream with 1t of vanilla until peaks form, then blend together. EASY EASY EASY!
Cool the cupcakes.


Then came the icing and sprinkles of course! The kiddos are dying to take them to the little kid get together they are going to tonight and share with their friends and we had a fun valentines together. Hope yall had a great Valentine's Day and ate something yummy!


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