Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Everyone Has Their Talents!"

One evening as I was making supper, my three children were all in the kitchen helping me.  I was giving them each a different job to do.  Danny, who turns seven today, is usually the one who makes the Kool-Aid, but he was busy stirring the meat.  So, I asked Gilbert, who is eight, to make the Kool-Aid.  Gilbert usually mixes up the powdered milk, but he does not make Kool-Aid very often.  He emptied the Kool-Aid powder into the pitcher first.  Bonnie, who is five, informed Gilbert that he was supposed to put the sugar in first because that is how Danny and Mom do it.  Danny said, “It’s okay, Bonnie. Everyone has their talents!”  I had never thought of making Kool-Aid as a talent before.  If that is a talent, then I have lots of talents!!

What is your talent? 

Until next week, keep your sunny side up!


Mom said...

That's great. Children often have the most profound comments! Ok, then I have several talents, too!

ginger said...

I love that talent your children have for helping you. What a blessing they are to my heart! Love you!