Saturday, January 25, 2014

Many "Firsts"

written by Laura Consford
We recently returned to the United States from Ghana for furlough. Our children are experiencing many “firsts.” Some of them are things that they have done before, but it has been so long that they do not really remember doing it before.
One day, I was out shopping with my five-year-old daughter and my mother-in-law. It was close to lunch time. Nana asked Bonnie if she wanted to go to McDonalds for lunch. Bonnie just looked at her. Then, it hit me that she did not remember McDonalds. After eating lunch there, she thought it was a pretty great place! The boys were upset that we went to McDonalds without them!
Our “first” trip to Wal-Mart was quite a shocking experience too. There are big super-market type stores in Ghana but none in our area. When we first walked in, Gilbert said, “It’s so big!” Bonnie said, “It’s so clean!” Danny wanted to make sure that there were plenty more of his favorite items still on the shelf. (In Ghana, if we see something that we really want, we have to buy it right away because it usually is not there the next time that we go back.)
Our children have been hoping for snow too.  They got their wish! They were up bright and early the next morning waiting to build a snowman.  It was only an inch or two of snow, but that was lots of snow for children who have been living in Africa! The snow melted before the day was out, but they did get a snowman built in the morning.
Another first was a trip to the dentist for all of the children. They were all a little leery of going to the dentist, but they decided that it was not so bad. My husband had to go to the dentist in Ghana; after the children heard him talk about his dentist's visit, they were not so sure about going to the dentist.
The children saw a bald eagle by the lake near our house. They were really amazed about that. They have also enjoyed spotting deer and raccoon and listening to the coyotes howl at night. However, they do not want to go outside after dark by themselves. "What if a coyote gets us???"
Seeing things for the “first” time through the eyes of our children is such a joy!  Until next week, keep your sunny side up!

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Lou Ann Keiser said...

I'm much like your children! People will ask us what restaurant we want to go to. Well, we don't know what there is. I get totally LOST in a Wal-Mart, with a huge smile on my face. Such variety! And, for people from Europe, the prices are a dream come true. Big parking spaces and parking lots full of them . . . . And, people speaking ENGLISH! So amazing, every time. Thank you for sharing.