Sunday, January 19, 2014

MK Spirit Week

February 10th - 14th
MK: (abbreviation) noun
"Missionary kid- Playful and fun, sometimes adventurous, sometimes outgoing, sometimes shy. And definitely crazy! Crazy for Christ!"
If this definition fits you, then join us for MK Spirit Week!  Do you have an MK spirit? Are you Crazy for Christ? Time to have some fun!
(Parents: Take pictures each day and email them to us, or if you have a blog you can link up your posts each day to our blog.  Be sure to tell us what country it is where your family serves and lives.)
Monday: Crazy Mustache Day
Put those razors away and show off that facial hair!
(Don't have any facial hair? That's OK! Me either!
Pull out the felt/yarn/makeup/markers. We won't tell!)

Tuesday: Crazy Hair/Hat Day
It's a hairspray addict's dream!
Fix it high. Fix it wide. Twist and turn it on each side.
Or does your country have a fun traditional hat? Wear it instead.
No crazy hats where you are? That's OK! Make your own!
The crazier, the better!
Wednesday: Crazy Clothes Day
Pull out your wackiest, tackiest outfit!
Stripes and polka dots!
Ties and t-shirts!
We don't care what it is as long
as it is as crazy and fun as you are!
(OK, maybe we care a little... no bikinis or immodesty, please.)
Thursday: Crazy for Christ Missionaries Day
Dress up as your favorite Crazy for Christ missionary,
past or present! Let us know who you dress up as.
Friday: Crazy Holiday
We know it is Valentine's Day,
but don't you ever feel sorry for those holidays
that never get recognition? Did you know February 14th
is also National Ferris Wheel Day in America?
Or what about National Sponge Cake Day (August 23rd)?
Or maybe your country has an interesting holiday.
Pick a crazy, unique holiday and get dressed up!
Be sure to wish us a happy __________ Day!
Send pictures to .
Any questions? Send them to the same address above.
Don't forget! We are on Facebook!

Let us know if your family plans on participating by leaving a comment. Feel free to spread the word to your MK friends. See you February 10th - 14th!


Charity said...

We're in! :-) Looking forward to seeing some crazy MKs as well as sharing pics of our own!

Maureen S. said...

Sounds like a blast :-) My kids will be so excited.

Anonymous said...

Would luv to participate! Hoping we can since we will just be getting back to the field on the 10th...maybe we can for the latter part of the week!

Rachel said...

We'll do are best to participate!
Winklers in Estonia

Amaris Newbill said...

WOW this is awesome! I am not a missionary but i work with over 600 missionary families! Could I possible let them know about this or this just for the Baptist Missionary Women blog people? JW thanks so much!
Amaris Newbill, from Riverview Baptist Church, Pasco, Washington