Thursday, May 29, 2014

In the Dog House (Part 2) Shoot Out at the OK Corral


The following post will convince you of one of two things:

You will realize that missionaries learn, by God's grace, to see the world from a different perspective, making the most of what they have to work with...


You will be convinced that missionaries are a little nutty,
which helps them do what they must do.

Either way, enjoy this lighthearted, fun post.


Last week, you met Chief and MoMo. I hope by now you see and understand the value of pets on the field. They are a precious part of our lives, and they minister to many needs. (Companionship, pest control, protection, and comfort)

But there is one aspect of having Chief and MoMo that I haven't explained to you. It is amazing where you will find entertainment when your options for entertainment are a little limited. You begin to see humor and adventure where you never saw it before. In the States, we were too busy with obvious entertainment, that we never saw the funniest, most bizarre, most exciting adventures all around us. But here? We seem to treasure the smallest details and find the best entertainment in our own yard.

If you have never been on the mission field, the above picture looks like two dogs. Let me help you see things from our perspective...

Exhibit A

So, now for the adventure... Old West style.

It was a warm summer day. I was sitting outside enjoying the day, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted them. Chief and MoMo were poised and ready for an adventure. I could see it in their eyes. And this would be an adventure to remember.

Chief was lying on the ground on a comfortable spot. He was chewing on some knickknack he found earlier. MoMo wanted Chief's attention. She craved it like a cattle herder craves meat and taters. She knew just what to do. She began sniffing around frantically, darting to and fro. Then she found it. Like a bank robber, she snatched her loot up with excitement. It was like gold! A plastic soda bottle cap! With a villainous laugh, she trotted off to her appointed destination.

She planted herself fifteen paces away from Chief, but perfectly in his sight range. She sat down and slung her sack of stolen bottle cap gold into the air. She caught it perfectly in her mouth, and then tilted her head to the side to make sure Chief saw her sinful prize. As the sun beat down upon the scene, it glistened on the treasure in her mouth. It was just enough to catch Chief's attention.

Chief slowly rose from the ground, dropping his previous chew toy. As he did, he straightened the star-shaped badge on his chest. He slowly began creeping his way toward MoMo. His spurs clinked with every slow, purposeful step. He paused to see if MoMo noticed his approach. She quickly turned her head so that Chief would not realize she was watching his every move.

As I continued watching the scene, I am almost sure I saw tumbleweed blow between the two of them. There was even Old West style music playing in the background and someone whistling. 

MoMo finally looked his way and rose up on all four legs. Then I heard Chief say, "So, did I take five steps, or did I take six steps? Tell, me... do you feel lucky, Dog?"

MoMo stood her ground. "This yard ain't big enough for the two of us, Law Dog."

Chief took a few more slow, calculated steps, but with one more look at the loot in her mouth, he lost control and charged. MoMo, who is a quarter of the size of Chief, bounced around the yard like tumbleweed in a tornado. Chief was no match for her speed as she whipped around trees and shrubs. Finally, Chief realized he could not catch her by outrunning her. He decided to outsmart her. He began watching as she darted around a shrub. He noticed when she went around one side, she would somehow appear on the other side every time! He planned his ambush.

He continued to chase her, but as she went around the next shrub, Chief immediately went to the other side. When MoMo reached the other side of the shrub, bottle cap still in her possession, a look of sheer terror swept across her face. There was Chief, waiting on her! She could not figure out how he did it. She didn't have time! She quickly veered to the side, missing his grasp by inches. She went around the next tree, only to find Chief once again waiting on the other side. Again, she barely dodged him. She went flying across the yard in a full gallop with Chief in pursuit. That's when she made her fatal mistake.

She had forgotten about the two foot trench she dug in the yard the night before, and plowed head first into it. Chief was charging too fast to stop. He plowed right into her backside at full speed. Both tumbled and rolled like sacks of taters. The bottle cap went flying wildly into the air and landed a few feet away. MoMo laid there, bruised and beaten, as Chief walked over to collect his prize. He laid down at his original spot and chewed on the bottle cap.

MoMo picked herself up and looked at Chief. He was once again ignoring her. She began sniffing around the yard wildly. She would not rest until she found a treasure Chief could not resist...

The End

Maybe one day I will tell you about biker MoMo...

But that's another story.


by Charity, Southern Asia

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Lou Ann Keiser said...

Great! Loved the wanted posters and Old West-style story! All proof that a little nuttiness is GOOD on the mission field. Loved it! Thanks for sharing your life.