Saturday, August 9, 2014

Calling all Missionaries!

September 10 we are going to have a fun link-up day!

What's the theme?  - Your home!

Please write a blog post and share photos of your home (keep it real, folks!),
then come back here on September 10 and link up your post.
What fun to take a sneak people into the homes of missionaries all around the world!

Who's with me?!!

By the way, a few of you have commented here and on facebook that you are on deputation and don't have a  home.  Then feel free to post photos of your deputation vehicle!  That's your home at this season in your life.  As missionaries, we've all been there!


Myra said...

I don't have a home or I'd participate. Right now we're on deputation and "Home is where you unpack your suitcase for the night." :) I hope you get lots of great responses. I look forward to seeing them.

Amy Meyers said...

Sounds fun!

Jessica said...

I am not a missionary, but I look forward to seeing where you call home.