Monday, May 2, 2016

Do You Remember Your First Bible?

We work in a small indigenous community of about 300 people here in Australia.  God has blessed us to be able to hold Sunday morning service, Wednesday night prayer meeting and Kid's Club, and Friday night Teen Group all within the community.  We are also blessed to be able to teach Religious Instruction in their public school every week. 

Teenagers are probably my favourite group of people to teach.  I can't help but think of my teen years and how God used the people around me to help guide me into my adult years.  I fear what my life would have been like had not some godly people taken a special interest me.

I was so excited when we started a teen group at our church.  I look at these young men and women and can't help but think that this is the next generation.  These are the next leaders of the community and hopefully our church.   

Last week at our Teen Group we gave our teens their very first Bible.  This photo is so precious to me.  Look at those smiles!  What could make me smile even more?  Seeing those boys walk into church on Sunday morning proudly carrying their new Bibles!

We have enjoyed teaching them about the Bible.  Think about not knowing how to find Psalm 23, or that there are two testaments, or what is the first book of the Bible.  This is all new to them, and I am so enjoying being there to teach them all of this.  Don't take these things for granted.  Sometimes we are so spoiled.  Many of us have several Bibles.  I hope you know what a precious thing it is to hold the Word of God in  your hands.

Do you remember your first Bible?  Was there a special story to go with it?  Please share in the comments, I'd love to hear about it.   I shared a Bible story over on my blog.  


Olivia said...

How wonderful! God's Word should make us all smile like that!

I don't remember being given my first Bible, but my second one I received when I was five. I still have it, although I don't use it as it is falling apart. My Great-Grandmother gave it to me on my birthday and I remember being very excited that she signed inside the front cover :)

Anonymous said...

I got my first Bible in 1986 (I was 9) for having perfect attendance to Sunday school for 5 weeks straight. I chose the blue Bible and I still have it today. I don't use that one anymore though because Proverbs is falling out. I'm thankful I have nice Bibles to use any time I want. But I do remember getting my first Bible. It is a very special moment.