Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Don't Quite Fit

We all realize that missionaries go abroad and stand out from the crowd. Many times they have different eye color, hair color, accents, mannerisms than those around them. But for those of us, who serve in Asia or any country where the individuals are much more petite than westerners, many times we literally "Don't Quite Fit In". It can be quite humorous at times to see us try fit into average spaces:) Here are a few humorous pictures of these moments.
Trying to use a mirror for an average person.

Trying to walk in a restaurant.

Trying to fit on a scooter. Which BTW, in many countries you can see up to 5 or more people sitting on these.

Squeezing into tiny bathrooms.


Squeezing packages on to tiny vehicles.


Trying to carry all your shopping goodies on a bike like the locals.


Trying to get out of the bathroom without scalping yourself.
This is a sign we see on a regular basis.

In many countries men struggle to find shoes that are bigger than size 8 or pants that are longer than 30".

Many ladies live in countries where a size 0 is an average size and although you maybe a small in the states, you find yourself wearing an XXL.

Men and women alike find themselves running head long into doorways that are smaller than 5ft and sent reeling and holding their head for quite a while:)


Many ladies find themselves trying to lean over kitchen counters meant for women who are 4" tall. Similar to the lovely lady Julia Child.

It is very common to see husbands doing a half squat to shave in the mirror or tie their tie.

So as you can see we make quite the funny scene at times:) You can't help but see the humor in the Jolly Green Giant Missionary.



Olivia said...

Hehe! Great descriptions. Many of these things I haven't had to deal with, so I can only imagine!

Joyful said...

Very cute post. I can only imagine how I'd look trying to fit onto one of those scooters, lol.