Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Time!

Today we are taking a break from our regular program for some birthday fun!
'Cause somebody I know is having a birthday today!
I'll let you guess who!
Since I don't know what kind of birthday treats you  might like, I thought I'd give a nice collection of recipes and links for you to look through, at your leisure {if you happen to have any of that!}
First up.....

chocolate ice cream {no ice cream maker required!}

and if you are more a fruity kind of gal, then try this orange sorbet recipe!

And then of course, you must have cake!

Salted caramel chocolate cake, anyone?

Or what about an amazing Snickerdoodle cake?*

Feeling minty? Try a chocolate peppermint cake!

My hubby would love this pumpkin cake with butterscotch filling!

Maybe those are too rich for you? Try one of these...

I love, love, love lemon cake.

Or how about a strawberry layer cake?

Or this absolute favorite* with the kiddos? If there were any leftovers, you could just
send some along to me!?!

*I try to only share recipes which I've actually made. With this many treats, that wasn't possible. So if it has a star, it is Sommer Family tested and approved. If not, then let us know how it turned out!

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