Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Pray for the Single Missionary Woman

1. Pray for our relationship with God.
He is quite literally our all in all: our Confidante, our Best Friend, our Companion, our Protector; if something is not right in our relationship with Him, everything in life is out balance, and life can be quite unbearable. Pray that our work for Him does not distract us from our relationship with Him.

2. Pray for our relationship with other missionaries.
Pray that we can be submissive. Pray that we get along with the other missionaries. Pray that we don't "wear out our welcome" with the other missionaries.

3. Pray for our ministry.
Pray for souls to be saved. Pray for lives to be changed. Pray for doors to be open. Pray for God to use us according to His will.

4. Pray for our health.
Something as small as the flu can keep us from being able to do what God has sent us to do. Also, not having anyone around to help care for us when we're very sick can be quite difficult. More serious health issues could cause us to have to leave the field for medical treatment. Pray that we stay healthy.

5. Pray for our finances.
Many missionaries are struggling financially. Churches in America are struggling, and in turn, they must drop their missionaries' financial support. Most missionaries are unable to work to bring in extra income. This adds stress to lives.

6. Pray that we do not get homesick or lonely.
Lack of friends who understand us and lack of family nearby can be particularly difficult for us. Loneliness (especially in the first year on the field) can be unbearable at times. Pray that God brings us good Christian friends and that He keeps us from getting lonely.

7. Pray that we do not get discouraged.
-When we are discouraged, there often is no one there to "sharpen our iron" (Proverbs 27:17). Pray that we will be encouraged in the Lord and not get discouraged when things don't go as smoothly as we expect (since they almost never do on the mission field). As a side note to that, letters and packages from home always encourage us. Take a few minutes to write us, to remind us that we're not forgotten. Even a short email will bring a smile to our faces. (Also, birthdays and holidays on the field can be some of the most discouraging times for us. Pray especially hard then).

8. Pray for our safety on the field.
Pray for God to be our Protector. We all take all the precautions we can, but we cannot live in a bubble. There are risks and dangers as a single lady in a foreign country. Pray that God protects us and that Satan will not have power to harm us.

9. Pray for our reputation/interaction with single native men.
It is quite easy to make a cultural blunder in interacting with members of the opposite sex in a foreign country. Pray that we do not unwittingly cause damage to our testimony or the work of Christ through something we inadvertently do that might be offensive or improper in our host culture.

10. Pray for people to be willing to help us with small things.
Most of us don't know how to fix cars, build houses, or fix plumbing. Pray that God will bring along people who can help us when we have problems we can't fix ourselves.

11. Pray for us as we travel.
Flying alone can be particularly difficult for some of us. Navigating a foreign airport, rushing to make a connection, or trying to find the right bus to the hotel can be quite frustrating when you're by yourself. Also while traveling on deputation or furlough, we often have to make long drives on our own; we have no one to take over when we get tired; we have no one to talk to us to keep us awake. We don't have a co-pilot to navigate.

12. Pray for our language abilities.
Language barriers can be very difficult. Please pray for us as we learn the language. Pray for clarity of thought and understanding. Even after "we've learned the language," pray that we can communicate clearly and effectively.

This post was written by Jenn Scarfi.  She is a single missionary lady serving the Lord in Vanuatu.  You can read her blog:  InTheirOwnLanguage.


Joyful said...

I enjoyed this post and it's great reminders about how to pray for the needs of single missionaries. So often we think of families on the mission field and I personally need to be reminded of the single people out there working for the Lord. God bless you as you continue in your service.

Gail @ said...

Hi Jen,
I think it's great to make a list like this. It's a reminder to pray but also gives some very practical areas of prayer. Having been on the mission field myself for 5 years, I can identify with many of these even though I wasn't single. I have prayed for you in these areas. God bless,

Rebekah // More Radiance said...

This is a helpful post. I want to cultivate a stronger prayer life this year and I know of some single missionary women personally... thank you for sharing this!