Thursday, February 19, 2015

MK Spirit Week 2015 Thursday

February 16-20, 2015

Welcome to MK Spirit Week!
Come join the fun!


Change Your Species Day!

Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to be a platypus? Here's you chance to do just that! What? You don't like the platypus? Well, pick any creature of God's beautiful creation you desire. (By the way, you would make a great tuna fish!)

Michaela in Southern Asia Makes a great Bush Baby!

If you are an MK, come join the fun! Be sure to take pictures, blog about it, and share with us. Link up your blog at the bottom of this page. What? You don't have a blog? That's ok. Email your picture to (limit one picture per participant.) That way we can post them and share the fun with everyone.


Emily, Joel, and Katie Acree (Ghana) had fun learning about cows, monkeys, and bears. They also got to watch some fun videos about them. Baby Abby even wanted to participate! She couldn't decide if she wanted to be a kitty or a cow, though. She LOVES milk!

The Tharp kids (Ireland): Nathan is a T-Rex, Katie is a cat and Darren is a Spider!

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