Monday, February 2, 2015

MK Spirit Week 2015

February 16-20, 2015


MK's certainly know all about change!
Change of location, change of culture, change of socks... Well, maybe not the socks!

So this year during MK Spirit Week we are going to embrace change.

Join the fun!

If you are an MK, come join the fun! Be sure to take pictures, blog about it, and share with us. We will do a blog link-up for each day. What? You don't have a blog? That's ok. We will have a place for you to email pictures. That way we can post them and share the fun with everyone.


Change Your Direction... a.k.a. Backwards Day!

Dress backwards, walk backwards, write backwards, sing backwards!
(Safety Disclaimer: BMW is not responsible for any injuries sustained if you actually walk backwards and fall into an alligator pond or your little brother's Lego pile. Matter of fact, if you actually walk backwards, you do so at your own risk. Only parents have eyes in the back of their heads. You do not.) 


Change Your Status... Parent/Child Swap Day!

Have you ever wanted to swap places with Mom or Dad? Here's your chance! Dress up like Mom or Dad... have some fun swapping places. Take it as far as the REAL Mom and Dad will allow. Bonus points if that parent dresses up like you!


Change Your Face Day!

Silly, serious, funny, crazy... it doesn't matter! Surprise us and change your face.


Change Your Species Day!

Have you ever had an overwhelming desire to be a platypus? Here's you chance to do just that! What? You don't like the platypus? Well, pick any creature of God's beautiful creation you desire. (By the way, you would make a great tuna fish!)


Change Your Country Day!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country? (Yes, I know you already live in another country... I am talking about "another" another country.) Time to transport yourself to your favorite "another" another country! Pick any other country in the world and dress up, do a project, learn a song in their language... whatever you want to do! So throw on those hula skirts! Play the didgeridoo! Wrestle a crocodile! And post your pictures for all to see.

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