Tuesday, February 17, 2015

MK Spirit Week 2015 Tuesday

February 16-20, 2015

Welcome to MK Spirit Week!
Come join the fun!


Change Your Status... Parent/Child Swap Day!

Have you ever wanted to swap places with Mom or Dad? Here's your chance! Dress up like Mom or Dad... have some fun swapping places. Take it as far as the REAL Mom and Dad will allow. Bonus points if that parent dresses up like you!

Jason, Gabriel, and Ben in Southern Asia
Gabriel gets to make some "parental decisions" today... like what's for dessert!
Ben and Gabriel both enjoyed morning coffee with Dad.
And Ben gets to lead family devotions and sit in Dad's favorite chair!

If you are an MK, come join the fun! Be sure to take pictures, blog about it, and share with us. Link up your blog at the bottom of this page. What? You don't have a blog? That's ok. Email your picture to woonstonepal@yahoo.com (limit one per participant.) That way we can post them and share the fun with everyone.


Darren, Katie, and Nathan Tharp of Ireland starting of the day with their morning cup of coffee
while dressed up like mom and dad... and Nathan (3yo) made sure he was properly shaven for this photo.

Emily Acree in Ghana was a good mama today. She got to drink some coffee (hot chocolate), drove to the language teacher's house and pick her up (her "son" helped with the pedals and shifting), checked her phone all day to "skype," was a good hostess to some workers at the house, and made lunch for the family (she allowed her "daughter" to slice the bread). :)

Madeline McCrocklin (Pre-Field to Germany) has dressed up like her mommy with makeup and all. She knows that as the mommy, she must keep her "Thoughts, Notes, and Ideas" book with her at all times! When asked to smile, she said, "Why mommy? You are serious."

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