Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Around the World!

When is Father's Day celebrated around the world?

We took a little survey of some missionary ladies around the world who follow this blog and asked them if and when Father's Day is celebrated in their parts of the world and in this post we will share with you what we found out! 
We also asked missionary ladies to send in photos of their hubbies with their children or hubbies active in ministry. We hope you enjoy the photos of these faithful missionary fathers!

Stewart Schepers with son, Seth. (Dominican Republic)

Bill Brouwer with daughter, Abby. (Tanzania)

The following countries follow the US celebration of Father's Day:
Costa Rica 
New Caledonia and France - However, Mother's Day in these countries is the first Sunday in June. 

Bill Brouwer enjoying game time with kids at MKamp.

Father's Day is also celebrated in:

Honduras - March 19th
Germany ( two weeks after Mother's Day)
Australia - September 2
Lithuania - 1st Sunday in June
Malawi - October 15th
Argentina - August 24th
Brazil - 2nd Sunday in August
In Thailand, Father's Day coincides with the King's Birthday (December 5) because he is regarded as the Father of all Thai people. FYI: The first Father's Day in Thailand was December 5,1980. They had celebrated Mother's Day for 30 years before the first Father's Day.

Matt Gansemer with his children, (from left to right) Brenna, Ethan, and Clara 

Father's Day is NOT and officially recognized holiday in the following countries:
Uganda (some do "unofficially" celebrate it the same date as in the US)
Republic of Vanuatu
 ***The following is a quote from a missionary wife in Greenland - "In our five years here last year was the first we've seen any mention of Father's, Mother's (or Valentine's) Day. I think we're slowly being influenced and will see more as the years pass. We usually follow Denmark in almost everything, it just may take us a while. So, in Greenland I would say that we acknowledge the special days, but we don't really celebrate them. By "we" I'm referring to the Greenlanders, in our home we do remember the days and even have a special mention and/or gift in church. I should clarify and say that this is how it is done in our town. I had to spend a month in the Capitol last year and they were definitely more exposed and influenced to Western Culture. I did see many Valentine's decorations, etc... (this was in Feb-Mar) Since each town is isolated from the rest, we are all growing and changing at different rates. 

David Sterling (my kid's wonderful Daddy) after a Wednesday evening service. 

With Father's Day being on a Sunday, these missionary Dads pictured here and many others all over the world will have a busy day just like all their other Sundays.

Daniel Jacabo with his children. (Honduras)

Dear Faithful Fathers, 
We pray you all can take some time to celebrate your special day with your family.

First time pig hunting in the Northern Territory of Australia for Patrick Bauer.

May God bless you abundantly as you continue to serve Him and raise up children who God may call to carry on in your footsteps continuing to take the gospel to the four corners of the earth!


Jen said...

Love this DeeDee! Thanks!

Claas Lisowski said...

This is a great post. Though I know nobody. Maybe one thing to notice that we in Germany have the day when we remember of Christ's ascension into heaven also as father's day. This has been introduced slowly and not anybody is happy with this. I would prefer a special day as in most other countries.
God bless.