Friday, June 8, 2012

Question and Answers

This question comes from Jen in Australia

How do you decorate with a low budget and limited resources?

Since we pretty much started with our basic possessions, we have little to decorate with and my walls are drives me crazy! 


Anonymous said...

If you have a cricut machine, or access to one, it is great for decorating walls - especially in rental homes where you don't want to leave holes in the walls - and it's super easy to do!! You can check web-sites online for adhesive vinyl wall words. Shipping on that would be inexpensive. I have found some at a dollar store here.
Sarah Litson - Canada

Nancy said...

I agree with Sarah on the cricut although i do not have one. The Dollar Store in the U.S. also has cut out that you just stick on the walls. I brought things with me through the years and now have a wide assortment. I think it takes time to accumulate but until then, childrens drawings with a frame and matte are quite cute. We have our frames made here very inexpensively. I am also always on the lookout for locals that can paint, draw or do whatever. I have asked then to do things for me through the years. I also ask for certain items for birthdays etc from family back home. But, I would just say that everytime you make a trip, add something to your collection. I still have things that are on my walls from 15 years ago. I just rearrange them, put them in a different room and then add to them.

Nancy - China

Bill and Tammy Brouwer said...

You can print out Bible verses with some clip-art on it. Or see if you can buy pretty paper to print it on. Here we can buy batik pictures (colored wax art) and I taught a lady how to sew a frame around it and then added tabs on top and hung it on some bamboo I cut down. I get alot of compliments on it. We've also bought local paintings and had local frames made. I like to have pictures of family around. An issue for us is getting frames here. After our last furlough I had some pictures made into coasters. However, instead of using them as such, I used sticky tac and hung them as a collage. I hope to get more to add to my collage when I'm in the US. Would love to see some pictures of how people decorated on a budget or with local items. I can send in some pics too if you tell me where I should put them. On FB?

Angela said...

I'm right there with you on the white blank walls! Ick! We found a photo place here that would blow pictures up to poster size and laminate them for about $5. (India) I used a picture I had taken of the Portland Head Light, while on furlough, and had that blown up. The photo people wanted to know if they could make a copy for themselves! LOL. It takes up a big wall space, and it's a reminder of home.

Debbie Crawford said...

Use nature. Frame some leaves or dried flowers. Bring a branch in and wrap some fabric within it for a center piece.