Monday, July 29, 2013

Missionary Monday ~ You Paid How Much?!!!!

You paid how much?!
I found this king size Reese's Cup and paid $4.50.
And it was worth every penny!
So, it got me thinking how much are we missionaries willing to spend on those little comforts from home.  I asked the question in our facebook group, and here are some of the responses...
Peanut M&M's - $6 (not for a huge bag either!)
Hershey's Syrup - $12
Twizzlers - $1 for 3 pieces
Jiff Peanut Butter - $10
Tortilla chips - $10
Salsa - $5
Pickles - $13
Velveeta - $15 (one block)
Dr. Pepper - $2 can
(This is just the short list!)

Julia sent these photos of her daughter, Chloe, 3, with a box of 24 packs of cookies.  She says, "Notice it includes Nutter Butters which I haven't seen here before, and is a favorite of ours. We paid $669 pesos for this which comes out to $16! Yes, a lot, but we are hiding them, only to take out for special occasions!!"
How much are you willing to pay for your favourite food?!


Lou Ann Keiser said...

Hmmmm . . . I'm feeling like a cheapskate. I tend to boycott those kinds of things, as the food here (Spain) is very good, and even though we miss some of those things, we don't miss them. Does that make sense? I think we've been weaned away from a lot, simply because we have been on the field for a very long time. You get used to what there is, what's in season, what is more "typical." I certainly agree that there's freedom--especially for pregnant ladies and children--to get a treat from time to time. Love the "hidden" things brought out for something special! :o)

Daniel and Abigail said...

Chai tea is my favorite. A box of it cost $5.00 for about 20 bags. I have yet to splurge on it. But a Dr. Pepper which is my hubby's favorite cost about 0.60 for a can.