Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hockey . . . African Style!

Last year, a missionary was preparing to leave the field.  He told us to come by his house because he had some things to give us.  He gave us four hockey sticks and two hockey pucks.  I thought that was a strange thing to have in Africa.  Street hockey is not really an option here because most of the roads are dirt roads.  I guess it would work if you had a cement slab or something. 

Anyway, one of those hockey sticks sure came in handy this week!  My husband had just left to take Gilbert, our oldest son, to the doctor.  The other two children had just gone down for naps.  I was going to take advantage of nap time too since I was up early that morning with Gilbert, our son who has been sick.  Just as I was preparing to lie down, I saw movement by the door that goes out to the back porch where the washer and dryer are.  The door was shut, but somehow a green mamba squeezed his way through.  Those snakes move very quickly!  It went under our dresser. I bent down to keep an eye on the snake while I yelled for Danny, our six-year-old son.  I told Danny he could keep an eye on the snake or go get Isaac, the guy who works in the yard.  He is no dummy!  He chose to go get Isaac.  I was hoping and praying that Isaac was still outside.  I told Danny to have him bring the machete or something.  Isaac came in with a hockey stick in hand.  I showed him where the snake was, and the chase was on.  It was moving so fast that he was having a hard time pinning it down to the ground.  After several tries, he killed the snake.  Praise the Lord that I saw the snake come in and that Isaac was still here to kill it!

Our daughter was standing there with a look of horror saying, “Mama! Mama! Mama!”  It is a wonder that anyone was able to take a nap after that!  Bonnie was hearing noises in her room for a few minutes, but both of the children eventually went to sleep.  I was wide awake!  Now I know a great reason to have a hockey stick in Africa!

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Until next week, keep your sunny side up!


Lou Ann Keiser said...

We have friends in Kenya that found a cobra in her curler bag. Her brave husband killed it with some kind of a knife. (I think I would have been in the next country somewhere!) You know, a video of that guy with the hockey stick would have been priceless! :o)

Joyful said...

Wow! Well done.