Saturday, August 24, 2013

More Blessings in Disguise

After last week’s blessing in disguise story, several ladies shared a story with me.  I would like to share a couple of those with you today.

Tom and Connie Robertson have been missionaries in Chile, South America, for almost thirty-two years.  Once Connie had to return to the States by herself.  She was driving through Florida toward Miami to return to the field.  She pulled into a gas station.  As she got out of the car, without thinking she locked the door. Her keys and her purse were still inside the vehicle. The gas station attendant called someone to come and help her. While the locksmith attempted to unlock the car, Connie was sharing her testimony with him.  The man was stumped as to why he could not get the vehicle unlocked. After he had tried for quite a while, Connie looked and saw that he just needed to press down on a button with his tool. Within seconds, he had the door open.  He did not charge her anything, and she went on down the road.  Not more than ten minutes down the road, she came upon an accident.  A semi had come across the median and was sideways across the two lanes on her side of the road.  The cars had to go off the side of the road to get around him.  Although it was frustrating to lock her keys in the car, it was definitely a blessing in disguise!

Our next story is from Althea Nordquist in Brazil.  Recently they were taking some of their church people to a meeting.  Her husband Jeff took the van with a load of people, and Althea took their car to pick up a family who lived about twenty minutes away from them.  Althea’s son was with her. About halfway to the house, the car started having a burning smell.  Within seconds, the whole thing just shut off.  She had nothing – no lights, no hazards, and a locked steering wheel.  She was on a curve and could not even pull to the side. The car rolled onto the side a little bit.  She tried several cell phone numbers of the people in the van, but no one had taken their phone.  She finally got a hold of their deacon.  He had the cell phone number to the mechanic, and they sent a tow truck.  There were people walking around the car; Althea was getting a bit frantic thinking that they were going to be robbed.  Finally, four teen boys came.  After they listened to Althea speak Portuguese with an accent, they asked her where she was from.  By the time she got done explaining who she was, the four boys decided they needed to stay and protect her.  She got to witness to them, and they asked her to always honk when she drives past their house.  A broken down car in an unfamiliar neighborhood – a blessing in disguise!

If you have a story that you would like to share with us, please e-mail it to me at Please include the name of each family member, your field of service, and a picture of your family if possible.

Until next week, keep your sunny side up!

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Kara Baker said...

That's so beautiful! I would freak out if I were stranded in the the US...I can't imagine in the middle of unfamiliar territory! Praise God for his presence and protection!