Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Bow-Tie Pasta - With Video

Bow-Tie Pasta

You would think pasta would be hard to make, but it’s actually very easy! Like most homemade things it is a little time consuming, but totally worth it! 

This recipe is really nice because you can cut the dough into whatever kind of shaped pasta you want! 

If you want ravioli just make two squares and put filling in the center.
 Leave enough space on the sides to put an egg wash and seal the ravioli. 

If you want fettuccini just cut the noodles to the desired width. 

This recipe makes awesome lasagna noodles! Boil the noodles and make your lasagna as you normally would!

What you’ll need:
10 ounces of flour (2 1/2 cups) 
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons water 
1 1/2 tablespoons oil
2 eggs

Mix the flour and salt together.
Make a well in the flour.
Add water, oil, and eggs.
Mix and then knead the dough until it is smooth. 
Divide dough. 
Chill for 30 minutes. 
Divide again. 
(The reason I divide the dough is just because it’s easier to work with a quarter of the dough instead of all of it or half.) 
Roll dough out until you reach the desired thickness. 
Cut dough into one inch wide strips. 
Cut strips into two inch long pieces. 
Pinch the center of each piece to make a bow-tie. 
Dust sheet pan with cornstarch.
Place bow-ties on sheet pan. 
Freeze the pasta until ready to boil. 
Boil for three to four minutes. 
Serve with your favorite sauce and enjoy! 
I normally double this recipe for my family of seven. (We have three growing teenage boys) 

I hope you enjoy making these noodles as much as I do! A good friend taught me how to make bow-ties, and I think of her every time I make them!

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