Monday, November 28, 2011

Our first few days on the field...

Last Wednesday we landed on our mission field.  This is a photo I took a few minutes before landing.  The emotions and feelings I have had the past few days are indescribable, but I'm sure many of you understand.

Our first full day here on the field was Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.  In Australia Thanksgiving means nothing.  There was a kind man in the church here who found out about Thanksgiving and bought 2 turkeys so we could have Thanksgiving!  How great is our God to put it on this man's heart to buy turkeys so we could still celebrate Thanksgiving!  We had so much to be thankful for!

On second day here was our daughters 9th birthday.  She was a bit sad to not celebrate it with her pappy, grandma, and uncles, but we made the day extra special.  I made her chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, then we went rock climbing with the missionary family here.  For supper we all went to McDonalds!  Autumn came to us later and thanked us for making her birthday so special.

On Sunday, we went to church.  My husband whispered to me, "Look out the window, there's palm trees."  I got teary eyed just stopping to think, "Yes, we're finally here."  I know it's not 'finally' to God, it was all in His perfect timing, but it just felt so good to be here today.  It was a busy day, but we didn't mind a bit.

This week we will be looking at houses (please pray we find the perfect one, and don't get in a rush!), opening bank accounts, and taking care of lots of other paperwork.  Lots of little things to take care of, but most of all we're just looking forward to finding our new normal and getting settled.

While waiting the three years for our visas, I came across this verse, and can "finally:" claim it...
"Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land..."  Psalm 37:34

I stand in awe of our amazing God Who has counted us faithful, putting us into the ministry.  (I Timothy 1:12)


Jolene said...

So glad you made it, Jen, and love that you are recording your thoughts of your first days there. You are certainly making special memories, and will want to look back on these days with a smile!

Marcia Slaughter said...

Very happy for you and praying for you and family.