Friday, September 7, 2012

Fellowship Fridays

For Today's Fellowship Friday please share one of your favorite things about your mission Field.

For me in Greenland I love the slow-paced life!  I love how people feel comfortable stopping by for coffee anytime of day, and how when we go visiting there is always coffee and tea offered at every house.  During our recent trip to the States it was easy to become overwhelmed by the busyness and the fast-paced life.  It was so nice to come home and settle into our quiet, slow paced life in the Arctic!

Please share one of your favorite things about your mission field!


Joyful said...

I'm not a missionary as such but I've been following some of the blogs of missionary wives. I love the work of missions!

I am happy to hear that where you live people are still hospitable and offer tea and coffee. I remember that when I was a child and you went to visit they always offered tea and coffee or in summer a cool drink. Usually you were also offered something like cake or cookies too ;-) Children esp. love this :-)

God bless.

Beth said...

Yes, I agree, the slower pace of New Zealand is something I love. Another thing I love about New Zealand, at least in our city, is how much people walk. We walk everywhere. A 20 minute walk to the shop is nothing. Most children walk or ride their bikes to school, and this isn't just a 5 or 10 minute trip. I know one young lady who would walk 30 minutes to and from school each day-this was no big deal, it was the norm.

Bill and Tammy Brouwer said...

I too enjoy the slow-paced life of Tanzania. I love that we live right next to Lake Victoria and can hear the waves crash against the shore at night.

I have learned so much about contentment and patience from the people here. In fact, I find that the mission field is a good place to see myself for who I really am. It's easier for me to try and put up a facade in America. Here though, my sinfulness is ever before me. The "hot water" of life in a 3rd world country brings out the type of "tea" I have in my heart. There is no denying it, or making it look pretty. It is what it is, and God uses it to sanctify me.