Friday, September 14, 2012

Fellowship Fridays

Back to School!

It's that time of year again!  School Bells are ringing around the world!

In Greenland the children start day-care as babies and transition to school at the age of six.  High School is optional and there are only a few towns in Greenland that offer high school and board the students who wish to attend.  A normal school day begins at 8 am and is usually finished by noon.  School starts in early August and ends in mid June, with a two week break at Christmas and one week breaks in the fall and spring.

We try to pattern our school as closely to the times of school here as we can.  I baby-sit an 8 year old boy every afternoon after school, so we try to be finished by the time he arrives except for the things that he can participate in.  This year I am homeschooling four as well as keeping my toddler entertained.  I am not a strict scheduler, but I do try to stick to a schedule, while being flexible to our circumstances such as unexpected company, etc...

What does school look like in your house?  Are you homeschooling or do your children attend school?What is school like in the country you are serving?  For those of you who have been homeschooling for years, please feel free to offer any advice or tips you have on homeschooling on the field!

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