Monday, March 25, 2013

Missionary Monday - Meet Our Contributors

Last week we met Carole,
this week I'd like you to meet Tammy.
She writes our Thursday Thoughts

Hi! I'm Tammy, and I serve the Lord with my husband of 25 years in the country of Tanzania, East Africa. We have three children. Our boys are now adults and living in America. My daughter is a teenager and still living at home when she's not at missionary boarding school. We have been church planting missionaries for 17 years. My primary ministry over the years has been taking care of my husband and children. I had a vision of what my ministry would look like as I got older, but the Lord had something else in mind. I have chronic back pain, and the rutted roads cause me to limit my time being out and about. However, the Lord has shown me that my secondary ministry can mostly be done from my home. I informally disciple my worker, Pendo. (How we live before someone who is in our home daily can have a great impact.) I also hold monthly meetings for our pastor's wives. My desire is to help them in their role as a pastor's wife. I've found that as I build relationships with these women, they will come by, or text, asking for advice. There have definitely been challenges over the years, but God has been FAITHFUL! He is good - ALL THE TIME. I feel blessed with the privilege of serving my Lord. My blog: Tanzanian Tidbits

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