Friday, March 8, 2013

Sunny-Side-Up Saturdays

This week, we have some stories from Donna Schepers. She and her husband Stewart are missionaries in the Dominican Republic. They have 4 children: Delayna 15, Julianna 13, Seth 6, and Jesse 5. She blogs at if you would like to follow her blog.

The boys, or maybe it is just Jesse, really keep us entertained. That entertainment doubled while we were traveling on furlough! Jesse pointed out every stop sign; and when it was a large sign, he yelled (at the top of his lungs), “STOP!” He also pointed out all the "oil pumper" things (oil wells), and he got very excited any time that he saw a train. He also asked, "How many more aisles (miles) until we are there?"

We were at my mom's house, and my boys just about gave her a heart attack. I was in the room packing, and I thought the boys were playing with Delayna outside. All of a sudden, my mom started screaming, "SOMEONE HELP THE BOYS; HURRY!" I took off running, not sure what was wrong. What had happened was that Delayna had come inside, and the boys had gone up to the top of the hill and gotten in my mom's utility wagon and were riding down the hill in it (through a maze of trees with a ditch and a road at the bottom). Somehow they had stopped halfway down, and Seth was about to give a push to get them going again when I got out there and stopped them. My mom was sick the rest of the day. I told her that now she knows how I feel daily!

One night in a motel, Seth was lying on the bed looking up at the fire sprinkler in the ceiling and said, "Don't tell me that is the fan!" He is so used to ceiling fans; he thought that was a very small one!

Then, we were at our first meeting at a supporting church. I was talking to the pastor's wife, who was very pregnant, and Jesse almost punched her in the stomach. I told him not to do that and said that she had a baby in there so he needed to be careful. He squatted down and looked up under her shirt; then, he stood up and said, "She does not have a baby in there!" I was trying not to crack up!

Stu was fixing a pipe. In the middle of cutting it, his saw broke, and water started pouring out everywhere. He was frantically trying to get it stopped, and Jesse walked up and said, "Dad, what were you thinking!?" You can't tell what we ask him all the time, can you?

Then we have Seth, the quieter one. He was praying for lunch the other day, and in the middle of his prayer said, "Lord, please help Jesse to close his eyes while I am praying."

Thank you for those stories, Donna! I really enjoyed them.

If you have a language blooper or some other funny story that you would like to share with us, please e-mail it to me at

Until next week, keep your sunny side up!

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