Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ask the MK... Thursday Edition

May I have your MK attention for this MK moment?
I have another question for you!

MK Spirit Week,
we here at the BMW Blog have decided to ask MKs some questions. And the fun part? They may also be rewarded for taking the time to share their answers!

Two randomly selected MKs who respond will receive a $10 Amazon electronic gift card.

So here's today's question:

Can you pat your tummy, rub your head, and chew gum at the same time?

(Go ahead. Try it! Let us know if you are successful!)


Please leave your answer in a comment below, and include your name, age, and country or region of service.

Sponsors for today's gift cards:

The Bingham Family
(Thank you for loving on our MKs!)


To be eligible to win the gift card, we must be able to verify you are in fact a bona fide, true, honest, for real Baptist Missionary Woman's missionary kid, currently living with your parents either on the field, on deputation, or on a temporary furlough.

The deadline to respond is Saturday, March 12th.

The winners will be announced March 14th right here on the blog.


Charity said...

Ben W., Southern Asia (16)
There are a few of us who lack the coordination to perform such amazing feats... I am among them.

Michaela W., Southern Asia, (12)
It was easy. :-)

Gabriel W., Southern Asia (9)
The stuff you made us do was very easy, but what you should have made us do is pat our gum, rub our heads, and chew our bellies. ;-)

Susan Abbett said...

Juliana, age 15: It was way too easy for someone as awesome as me- lol

Sarah LeClercq said...

Nate (11) I could do it for about 5 seconds and then my hands got mixed up. It was so funny and the more we laughed the less I could do it!

David and Dee Dee Sterling said...

Timothy (12), Russia, says, "Yes, what's so hard about that?" :)

Penny said...

Luke Smith, 13, Estonia - Yes, I can!

Anonymous said...

Cameron, 8 Samoa, I can for a few seconds, but it makes me laugh and I get messed up.

Abigail said...

Abigail Petersen 14 yrs. Uganda
I did it! Mom even tried it. :) My hair looks horrible now. :)

Micah Guay said...

Micah Guay 14 Thailand
For a cool guy like me. It was a piece of cake.

Daniel said...

Daniel Petersen 16 yrs. Uganda
I did it.

Elisabeth Guay said...

I can do it!
Elisabeth Guay, 20, Thailand

Elijah Guay said...

Elijah Guay, 18, Thailand

YES, I can.

The Boylston Family said...

The Boylston Kids in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Kyle (18) Yes
Kody (17) Ummm...nope.
Kaleb (15) Yes.
Kierra (12) Yep, that's easy. It is harder if you try it with opposite hands though.
Khloe (9) Pretty good.

Dawn Spillman said...

Nathaniel 15 said he could do it and showed us how. He even added in jumping to the mix.
Daniel 13 did it as well. He decided to one up his brother and added the jumping and turning around.
Timothy 6 doesn't like gum but he could do the rest.

Dalene Clark said...

Kyndall (15) Germany
Sure no problem. I even walked around the room at the same time! I even hopped at one foot too!

Dalene Clark said...

Kimberly (17) Germany
Yes I can do it!

Dalene Clark said...

Kameron (11) Germany
Yes I can do it - no problem!

Philip Tharp said...

Darren Tharp - Age 10 - Ireland
Yes, I did it!

Philip Tharp said...

Katie Tharp - Age 8 - Ireland
I did it too! It was tricky, yummy, funny and fun!

Philip Tharp said...

Nathan Tharp - Age 4 - Ireland
I kinda did it... It was hard but I liked the treat!

Duane and Shellee said...

Nathanael W, age 14 (I(Mom) put his wrong age earlier :P) Japan-
Yes, I tried it! I thought it was surprisingly easy.

Josiah W., age 15, Japan (it was easier than I thought) I patted my head every two times I chewed my gum.

Malachi W. Age 16, Japan- for me it was easier than walking and chewing gum at the same time.

Malachi Minks said...

Yes I was able to do it. I even was able to do while balancing my glasses from only the very tip of my nose!
Malachi Minks 14 Japan

anativetexan said...

Even though i'm a blonde, I was able to do it. :)
Julianna Schepers, 16, Dominican Republic

Sarah Winkler said...

Sarah Winkler (13), Estonia

Of course I can :). Thanks for the challenge though, it got me a piece of gum!

Sally Stensaas said...

Stanley: Yes
Shae-Lynn: Yes
Shiloh: Yes, although I'm not sure why everyone is laughing at me.
Skyler: Yes
Savannah: Yes, for a little bit before I get mixed up.

Chris and Carole said...

From Greenland

Christopher (14) Yes!
Anna (13) Yes!
Emilia (10) Yes!
Jonathan (8) Yes!
Mattaliina (4) Yes!

Heather ♥ {Missionary Mama} said...

Clara, 8, Argentina

I can do it, but it's hard. We tried jumping up and down to make it harder and I ended up patting or rubbing both.

Heather ♥ {Missionary Mama} said...

Ethan, 6, Argentina

It was fun, but I couldn't do it.

Heather ♥ {Missionary Mama} said...

Brenna, 3, Argentina

I was rubbing my belly and my head. :)

Unknown said...

Micah Doan,14,Lithuania
I can pat my tummy and rub my head and pat my head and rub mt tummy.

Unknown said...

Yes I can do it! :)

Kristen said...

Zachary, 5, Puerto Rico

At first a resounding "Uh Uh" when asked. Then, being one to never back down from a challenge, he tried and hasn't stopped doing it since.

Caleb Benson said...

Hannah, 10
Lydia, 9
Ruth, 8

Yes, we did it!

briana said...

Briana Sehested (17) Yes I can

Anonymous said...


It was kinda easy I taped my belly every time I chewed my gum!!:-)

Lisa M said...

Levi McCoy, Alaska

Victoria Minks said...

Victoria Minks, 18, Japan--

yep! I was able to do it. Chewing pickled-plum flavored gum. It's so good, y'all. :D

Gideon Minks said...

I could it, but for some reason it was easier for me to do it while walking in place. :D

Becca S said...

Faith Ann - Oh yeah...piece of cake!
Emma - Easy peasy!
Kate - Yep...but I pat my head in a circle
Drew - Yeah, but I also pat my head in a circle

Sarah LeClercq said...

Ethaen LeClercq 10
I can pat both my head or my tummy or I can rub both my head and my tummy. I can not pat and rub at the same time.

Jamie Knickerbocker said...

Paul--of course, wait, I can't.

Jason--what??? That's crazy.

Abby--no way

Anonymous said...

Isaac - 9 - Yes, yes can!

Ethan - 8 - No

Landon - 7 - NO

The Guenther's New Zealand

Abigail Minks said...

I can, but I'm not very good at it. :D
Abigail Minks, 17yrs., Japan

Emma Benefield said...

Emma Benefield,13,Cambodia

Yes,I can.:) I didn't have any gum,but I pretended like I was chewing gum. So,I think I'm still qualified.:)

Deborah Benefield said...

Deborah Benefield 15
I can't chew gum because I wear braces . I just pretended I was chewing gum and I can do it !

Rachel said...

Caleb Winkler (9), Estonia
I was surprised, but I can do it!

Rachel said...

Daniel Winkler (16) Estonia

It was pretty easy. I could do it in my sleep ;)

Stephen Benefield said...

Stephen Benefield,10, Cambodia
I can do what you asked, but I can't add the things some of these other MKs added. Their talents amaze me!

Seth Benefield, 6, Cambodia
Yes I can do it!

Gabby Benefield, 7, Cambodia
Yes, but it took me a few tries.

Candace Benefield said...
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Candace Benefield said...

Candace Benefield,16, Cambodia
Yes I can.:)

Rachel said...

Andrew Winkler (15), Estonia

I was able to do it pretty easily.

Charity said...

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