Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MK Spirit Week 2016 Tuesday

March 7 - 11, 2016

Welcome to MK Spirit Week!

Tuesday, March 8th

Today's Challenge?

Calling all book characters!!! Time to come alive! Dress like a favorite book character, take a picture, and send it in.

Email your pictures to woonstonepal@yahoo.com ASAP
(no later than Saturday, March 12th)

Two randomly chosen participants will receive a $10 Amazon electronic gift card.

Today's gift cards are sponsored by:

The Bolticoff Family

(Thank you for supporting our MKs!)

Pictures of today's submissions:

Malachi Minks, Japan
as Col. Robert Scott from God is My Co-Pilot

Kathrynn LeClercq, Guam- Queen Esther
Alexae LeClercq, Guam- Cinderella

Nate LeClercq, Guam
as Bick in Treasure Hunters

Ethaen LeClercq, Guam
as Captain Ahab in Moby Dick

Elijah and Micah Guay, Thailand

Ben W., Southern Asia as Christian in Pilgrim's Progress

Gabriel W., Southern Asia
as Wally McDoogle

Michaela W., Southern Asia
as Nancy Drew

The Benefields, Cambodia
Little Women
Candace in green
Deborah in blue
Emma in red
Gabby in white

Nathaniel Wilhite, Japan
as Jacob DeShazer,
WW2 American POW who became a missionary to the Japanese
from the book Personal Testimony

Josiah, Japan
as Balto

Tirzah Phillips, Central Asia
as Emily Elizabeth (Clifford the Big Red Dog)

Hannah Phillips, Centtral Asia
as Natalie Kabra from 39 Clues

Victoria Minks, Japan
as Anne of Green Gables

Zebulun Minks, Japan
as The Man in the Yellow Hat
(Curious George)

Rebekah Phillips, Central Asia
as Anne of Green Gables

Gideon Minks, Japan

Juliana Abbett, France
as Nancy Drew

Abigail Petersen, Uganda
as Laura Ingalls

Daniel Petersen, Uganda
as Frank Hardy

Daniel Winkler, Estonia
Jon Bennet- The Last Jihad Series

Sarah Winkler, Estonia
Breanna Baylor- Angel of Mercy Series

Caleb Winkler, Estonia
Jem Coulter- Goldtown Adventures

Baxter L., Estonia
George Muller with his orphan "Willow"
The Autobiography of George Muller

Ciarra L., Estonia
Felicity from the American Girl Series

Jazmynn L., Estonia
Julia from The Damascus Way

Gideon Phillips, Central Asia
Circus from the Sugar Creek Gang

Luke Smith, Estonia
From the Book Frogmen

Gabby Benefield, Cambodia
Felicity- An American Girl

Andrew Winkler, Estonia
Sir Kendrick- The Knights of Arrethtrae

Spillman Family, Ukraine
Daniel- Dustfinger from the book Inkheart
Nathaniel- Ranger Will from the book Ranger's Apprentice
Timothy- Captain America from his coloring book

Elisabeth Guay, Thailand
as Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ryan S., Russia
as Native American US Air Force pilot Major Joseph Makatozi
Last of the Breed by Louis L'Amour

Abigail Minks, Japan
Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Clara Gansemer, Argentina
Laura Ingalls

Brenna Gansemer, Argentina
Minnie Mouse

Ethan Gansemer, Argentina
The Cat in the Hat

Kate Sinclair, Cameroon
as Nancy Drew

Jonathan Shull, Greenland

Savannah Stensaas, Uganda
as Sleeping Beauty

Emma Sinclair, Cameroon
as Laura Ingalls, and 

 Faith Ann Sinclair, Cameroon
as Sleeping Beauty / Aurora

Levi McCoy, Alaska
as Paddington Bear

Shae-Lynn Stensaas, Uganda
as Paige Rogers

Shiloh Stensaas, Uganda
William Wallace

Skyler Stensaas, Uganda
Jonah from Spirit Fighters

Mattaliina and Emilia Shull, Greenland
as Carrie and Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie

Drew Sinclair, Cameroon
as Gandalf the Grey in Lord of the Rings

Christopher Shull, Greenland
as Knud Rasmussen

Anna Grace Shull, Greenland
as Corrie Ten Boom

Madisyn Lien, Indonesia
Frodo Baggins, Lord of the Rings

Charity Rice, Italy
as Mandie

Sara Spear, Puerto Rico
as Junie B. from the Junie B. Jones Series

Zachary Spear, Puerto Rico
as Peter from The Chronicles of Narnia

Andrew Spear, Puerto Rico
Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia

Kassie Lien, Indonesia
Harriett the Spy

Bethany Peart, Haiti
as Katie from The Cupcake Diaries

Madelyn Peart, Haiti
as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Titus W., Japan
as Adoniram Judson from The Life f Adoniram Judson by his son Edward Judson

Katie Tharp, Ireland
Anne of Green Gables

Darren Tharp, Ireland
The Lone Wolf from th book North to Amaroqvik

Nathan Tharp, Ireland
The dog from the book If You Give a Dog a Donut

Timothy Doan, Lithuania
King Arthur

Esther Doan, Lithuania
Nancy Drew

Micah Doan, Lithuania
Sherlock Holmes

Elijah Doan, Lithuania
The Invisible Man

Abby, Southeast Asia
Fancy Nancy the Baker

Paul, Southeast Asia
GI Joe

Jason, Southeast Asia
Detective Zach

The Guenther Family, New Zealand, as Winnie the Pooh Characters:

Ethan Guenther, New Zealand
as Tigger

Landon Guenther, New Zealand
as Roo
 Isaac Guenther and Kayleigh, New Zealand
as Winnie the Pooh

Kortney Clark, Germany
as Violet in the Boxcar Children Books

Jesse Schepers, Dominican Republic
as The Brave Knight

Julianna Schepers, Dominican Republic
as Thong One

Seth Schepers, Dominican Republic
as Prince Josiah of the Terrestria Chronicles

The Bensons, Cameroon
Hannah and Lydia Benson as Mary and Laura Ingall
Ruth as Patches from 101 Dalmations
Faith as Snow White from the book Snow White

Malachi and Josiah W., Japan
as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson from the Hound of Barkervilles

Joel W, Japan
as Sergeant Alvin York

Stephen and Seth Benefield, Cambodia
from the book War and Weapons


How to enter:

Must be a verifiable, legitimate, honest to goodness BMW Missionary Kid to participate or win.

To enter, submit a photo of you dressed for the MK Spirit Theme for the day. Email photo submissions to woonstonepal@yahoo.com . Include the names of each MK participant in the picture. Also include the country or field of service OR the geographic region if security is a concern.

Winners will be randomly selected from entries.

Winners announced Monday, March 14, 2016 on BMW Blog.


Joyful said...

Cute idea and cute submissions ♥

Lou Ann Keiser said...

Love the imagination shown in these outfits! Terrific!

Rachelle said...

These are all so great, love Brenna Gansemer as Minnie Mouse she is so cute!

Rachelle said...

These are all so great, love Brenna Gansemer as Minnie Mouse she is so cute!