Wednesday, March 9, 2016

MK Spirit Week 2016 Wednesday

March 7 - 11, 2016

Welcome to MK Spirit Week!

Wednesday, March 9th

Today's Challenge?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin? Imagine the jokes you could pull on people! So here's your challenge: Find a fellow MK or a friend and dress alike. Snap a picture and show the world your secret look-alike. Feeling bold? Try for triplets!

Email your pictures to ASAP
(no later than Saturday, March 12th)

Two randomly chosen participants will receive a $10 Amazon electronic gift card.

Today's gift cards are sponsored by:

The Miller Family

(Thank you for supporting our MKs!)

Pictures of today's submissions:

Madisyn Lien and friends, Indonesia

Cameron Faafouina, Samoa, and twin, Roger

Nate and Ethaen LeClercq, Guam

Kathrynn and Lexie LeClercq, Guam

Ellie Bergey (Left side pics), South Africa, and Rachel Rice (Right side pics), Italy

Ben W., Dad W., and Gabriel W., Southern Asia

Ciarra and Jazmynn L., Estonia

Micah and Elijah Guay, Thailand

Gideon and Josiah Minks, Japan

Drew Sinclair and Frizzle Sinclair, Cameroon

Brenna Gansemer, Argentina, and her friend, Emma, Atlanta, GA

Ethan Gansemer, Argentina, and his buddy, Liam, Atlanta, GA

Clara Gansemer, Argentina, and her BFF, Hope, Atlanta, GA

Alyssia and Gabriella Bergey, South Africa

Nathaniel and Ethan Bergey, South Africa

Sarah Winkler, Estonia, and Michaela W., Southern Asia

Nathaniel and Daniel Spillman, Ukraine

Timothy Spillman, Ukraine (Top)
Andrew and Zachary Spear, Puerto Rico (Bottom)

Caleb Winkler, Estonia, and Baxter L. Estonia

Gideon Phillips, Central Asia, and Timothy Abbett, France

Hannah and Tirzah Phillips, Central Asia

Kyndall Clark, Germany, Juliana Abbett, France, and Rebekah Phillips, Central Asia

Abby and Abbie, SE Asia

Jasmine and Emily, SE Asia

Stephen and Seth Benefield, Cambodia

Micah Doan, Lithuania, with Matthew Carney, Hungary

Jesse, Julianna, and Seth Shepers, Dominican Republic

Candace, Deborah, and Emma Benefield, Cambodia

Ruth and Faith Benson, Cameroon

Autumn Stokes, Spain, and Elisabeth Guay, Thailand

Hannah and Lydia Benson, Cameroon

Daniel and Andrew Winkler, Estonia

Christopher and Jonathan Shull, Greenland

Anna Grace, Emilia Faith, Mattaliina Joy Shull, Greenland

Nathan and Darren Tharp, Ireland

Lillian and Katie Tharp, Ireland

Alyssa, Melody, and Naomi Pratt, India

Kara and Ethan Pratt, India

The Guenthers, New Zealand
Isaac, Landon, and Ethan

The Petersen Family, Uganda and
Stensaas Family, Uganda

Abigail Petersen with Shae-Lynn Stensaas
Daniel Petersen and Stensaas

Moriah and Micah Rice, Italy

Shae-Lynn and Savannah Stensaas, Uganda

Shiloh and Skyler Stensaas, Uganda

Josiah Wilhite, Malachi Minks, and Malachi Wilhite, Japan

Noah Wilhite and Zebulun Minks, Japan

Josiah Minks and Joel Wilhite, Japan

Abigail and Victoria Minks, Japan

Christina and Charity Rice, Italy

Kate, Emma, and Faith Ann Sinclair, Cameroon

Josiah W. and Malachi W., Japan

Grace W., Japan

Deborah and Gabby Benfield

 Luke Smith, Estonia


How to enter:

Must be a verifiable, legitimate, honest to goodness BMW Missionary Kid to participate or win.

To enter, submit a photo of you dressed for the MK Spirit Theme for the day. Email photo submissions to . Include the names of each MK participant in the picture. Also include the country or field of service OR the geographic region if security is a concern.

Winners will be randomly selected from entries.

Winners announced Monday, March 14, 2016 on BMW Blog.


Lou Ann Keiser said...

No comments yet?!!! Loving every day of this. Your kids are SOOOO adorable!

Duane and Shellee said...

I think all of you MK's are doing a fantastic job!!! This has been so fun and such a blessing for my MK's!!!