Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday's Trimming our Nest

Most all ladies desire to make their "nest", home, dwelling place as comfortable and attractive as possible. I admit, it is one of my hobbies and loves. I am a faithful watched of "fixer upper" and "property brothers" from HGTV. That and Pinterest is constantly fueling my addiction of fluffing and arranging.

Here comes the challenge. When you move to a third world country; Walmarts, IKEAs, targets, hobby lobbys or garage sales are non-existent. We do have a few decorating stores tucked in our city of 6 million people. It is definitely something you have to search for. I have come to find that many times the things I like the best are things I make myself. Don't be mistaken, I am no Martha Stewart. I have gone through years of, shall we say.....sewing failure! But the longer we live here the more I've been practicing some simple skills; curtains, trunk covers and pillow cases. Recently, I attempted my first bed sham for a friend.

For us, who like to create things or are still learning I thought I would post a tutorial. This is my first attempt at a tutorial. So, I hope it isn't too confusing.

The Ruffled Bed Sham

What is needed?
I needed 315" of ruffle material. 5" in width.
This may take multiple pieces. I had three different lengths I sewed together.
Pillow material. 3 pieces are needed.
Piece 1- 20"X 30"
Piece 2- 20"X 16"
Piece 3- 20"x8"

I cut my 315" of ruffle material out of extra duvet material. If you don't have 315" of material in one length, no worries. I cut three lengths of material to equal this. I simply, sewed the ends together before folding all of it in half. If you do this, you want to lay your two ends right side down and sew the ends together. Then you can unfold it and your done.

You then need to fold the entire length in half. Right side on the outside. You can pin this but I didn't. Didn't have time for 315" of pinning. Then sew the open edge, so it is now half the size. I don't know that I recommend blue thread:) but that's all I had that day and it actually helped me later see the right line to sew on. I then went thru and sewed a ruffle. I did not measure or pin. I find it easier to measure on my machine. I picked a spot on my machine about 2" from the needle. After I did the first ruffle, every time the fabric reached that chosen point on my machine I would fold it over a very small amount, 1/2" or so. I wasn't super precise. Every time your last ruffle reaches the needle it will be time to feed it again. Hope that makes sense:) keeps me from spending hours pinning.

You then need to take your large piece of pillow fabric and pin one side to the ruffle with your ruffle laying on top of the right side of the material. You want to leave 1" of the pillow case material on the border. Sew. Curve the fabric around the edge of the next side and pin and sew again, until you have done all four sides. Then you can sew the two ends of the ruffle together and cut off the excess.

Now you have the first half done!

Before you start the back side you need to hem the back pieces. You have two pieces. 1-20"x16" and 1-20"x8". You want to hem one side of both of them. Lay your fabric down long ways on an ironing board. Take one end of your fabric going length ways and fold it down 1/2". Then iron that crease. Then fold it again another 1/2" pin and iron that seam. Now you are ready to sew this hem. Doing this ironing step will save you a good amount of thread and give you a clean secure seam.

Now you are ready to begin the back side of your pillow case. Lay down the material you have sewn the ruffle to right side up. Then you want to fold your ruffle down.

Fold in your corners like a package or they will stick up and you will sew it jagged.

It should look like this before you pin the back material on.
Now pin your first back piece on top of the ruffle, right side down. Pull your fabric taut as you pin. You should have an inch seam allowance on every side. I had made mine too large and had to trim it down. No biggy. You can cut extra off, it is very hard to add something that is too short.


After you sew the first side. Lay down the second, right side down. It should overlap your other piece by at least 4". This will give you a nice pocket to tuck your pillow in. Leave your 1" seam allowance all around, pin and sew. I will note I sew all of my seams twice. I don't want to have to re-sew anything for a long time.

Turn it inside out and voila! You just made a Ruffled sham ready to adorn your pretty bed! I know it's a little lengthy but I hope some of y'all might enjoy a fun little project. Have a great Thursday!


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Joyful said...

I think you did a terrific job. I love reading and watching about decorating more than doing the actual decorating, lol. I admire those that have the vision to create and design through arrangement.