Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Picture This! MK Spirit Week Wednesday

Picture This

Calling all MKs!

Time to get those cameras going!


Plants of Your Country


Take a picture for the above topic with you in it. Submit the picture to . Be sure to include your name and field of service.  

Qualifying genuine BMW MK pictures will be eligible to win a prize! Two $10 Amazon electronic gift cards are up for grabs.

Submissions must be received by March 12th.


Today's Gift Card Sponsor

Denison Family

(Thank you for loving on our MKs!)


Photo Submissions:

Micah Guay, Thailand

Elijah Guay, Thailand

Elisabeth Guay, Thailand

Naomi S., Ghana

Abigail Petersen, Uganda

Daniel Petersen, Uganda

Julianna Schepers, Dominican Republic

Timothy Doan, Lithuania

Micah Doan, Lithuania

Josiah Minks, Japan 

Brenna Gansemer, Argentina

Ethan Gansemer, Argentina

Clara Gansemer, Argentina

Ethaen LeClercq, Guam

Levi McCoy, Alaska

Kathrynn LeClercq, Guam

Nate LeClercq, Guam

Rebecca Pape, Dominican Republic

Michaela W., Southern Asia

Gideon Minks, Japan (This picture was taken when I was 5.)

Gabriel W., Southern Asia

Ben W., Southern Asia

Titus W., Japan

Luke Smith, Estonia

Abby, Southeast Asia

Paul, Southeast Asia

Jason, Southeast Asia

Emma Sinclair, Cameroon

Faith Ann Sinclair, Cameroon

Kate Sinclair, Cameroon

Drew Sinclair, Cameroon

Malachi Minks, Japan

Abigail Minks, Japan

Sarah Winkler, Estonia

Seth Benefield, Cambodia

Andrew Winkler, Estonia

Skyler, Shiloh, Savannah, and Shae-Lynn Stensaas, Uganda

Victoria Minks, Japan

Emma Benefield, Cambodia

Candace Benefield, Cambodia

Stephen Benefield, Cambodia

Gabby Benefield, Cambodia

Katie Tharp, Ireland

Darren Tharp, Ireland

Daniel Winkler, Estonia

Caleb Winkler, Estonia

Deborah Benefield, Cambodia

Jonathan Shull, Greenland

Anna Shull, Greenland

Christopher Shull, Greenland

Emilia Shull, Greenland


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