Monday, February 10, 2014

MK Spirit Week- Monday

A fun and crazy week for missionary kids around the world!
February 10th - 14th
For more information, CLICK HERE.
February 10th
Crazy Mustache

Put those razors away and show off that facial hair!

(Don't have any facial hair? That's OK! Me either!

Pull out the felt/yarn/makeup/markers. We won't tell!)

 (Don't have a blog? That's OK. Send us a picture at .
We will post a few of the pictures we receive right here. Be sure to include the participant's name and country.)

 Odessa, Ukraine: JJ Spillman, Steven Spillman, and Yuki Funakoshi (back row)
Kathleen, Daniel, and Nathaniel Spillman (front row)

Daniel and Abigail Petersen from Uganda
Mikayla in Albania

The Gibsons in New York City: Valerie (Hello Kitty,)
Hannah (sporting the florals,) Zachary (carpet and paint)

Meyer Family to Mexico
 Stacy Berg (Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota)

The Means Family (Mexico)

The Bernal Family Sending Love and Support to MKs from Central Florida
The Rogers Family (Brazil)


Rachel said...

I'm enjoying the pictures and look forward to seeing more. My kids will enjoy them too, I'm sure - after school is done.

Kathleen is my favorite so far. Those eyebrows add a nice touch to the yellow mustache.

Lou Ann Keiser said...

Terrific! Too bad my kids are grown! :o)