Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MK Spirit Week- Tuesday

A fun and crazy week for missionary kids around the world!
February 10th - 14th
For more information, CLICK HERE.

February 11th


Crazy Hair/Hat Day

It's a hairspray addict's dream!

Fix it high. Fix it wide. Twist and turn it on each side.

Or does your country have a fun traditional hat? Wear it instead.

No crazy hats where you are? That's OK! Make your own!

The crazier, the better!


(Don't have a blog? That's OK. Send us a picture at thewoons@yahoo.com .
We will post a few of the pictures we receive right here. Be sure to include the participant's name and country.)

Michaela, Gabe, and Ben from Southern Asia
Cody Bauer chillin' in the Aussie hat, Australia

Steven Spillman, Yuki Funakoshi, John Spillman in the back row.
In the front row is Nathaniel, Daniel, and Kathleen Spillman (Odessa, Ukraine)
Mikayla, Albania

Daniel and Abigail Petersen – Uganda

Valerie (Bed Head), Zachary (Angry Bird Head), Hannah (Star Wars Head)
Gibsons in ... oh, wait...
Joy Gibson decided to join the fun! (NYC)

Meyer Family in Mexico
Alyssa (Althea Thorp-Nordquist) Brazil doin'
 a mash up of Mustache Monday and Crazy Hat Tuesday.

The Bernal Family
Sending Love and Support to MKs from Central Florida
The Berg Family (Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota)

The Means Family (Mexico)

The Rogers Family (Brazil)
The Putney Family (Columbia)
6 Day old Lillian Bauman sporting her crazy newborn hair...
(This picture makes me smile!)
Puerto Rico

The Lien Family (Indonesia)
Kasie (bottle hair,)  Madisyn (Rapunzel,) and Camden  (her prince)
Mittens is the ferocious beast.
(If I get the captions wrong on a photo, please let me know. Thank you!)

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Shelly said...

I'm really enjoying the pictures from MK Spirit Week. So much creativity and fun. :)