Thursday, February 13, 2014

MK Spirit Week- Thursday

A fun and crazy week for missionary kids around the world!
February 10th - 14th
For more information, CLICK HERE.

February 13th
Crazy for Christ Missionaries Day

Dress up as your favorite Crazy for Christ Missionary, past or present!
When I thought of a crazy missionary, there was only one name that came to mind...
Photo by permission
Althea Tharp-Nordquist (Brazil)
My version of this dear Crazy for Christ Missionary

(Don't have a blog? That's OK. Send us a picture at .
We will post a few of the pictures we receive right here. Be sure to include the participant's name and country.)

Ben (Southern Asia) as Captain Ray Davidson, US Army Chaplin
Michaela (Southern Asia) as Ann Judson (Burma)

(Public Domain photo)
Daniel Petersen (Uganda) as David Livingstone
(Public Domain photo)
Abigail Petersen (Uganda) as Amy Carmichael
Mikayla (Albania) as her Father Michael

"I don't really want to be famous like Jim Elliot, because it seems like you have to die to be famous. I want God to be famous, but I want to love God like Jim Elliot."

"Maybe one day I'll go to the other side of the world to study the language so I can tell even more people about Jesus. I would like to be like Mrs Leah when I grow up."
Gibson Family NYC

Abigail and Felicty as Gladys Alward and her first orphan girl "Ninepence"
Meyers Family (Mexico)

Alyssa Tharp-Nordquist (Brazil) as Monica Tharp

JJ was his dad John Spillman, Yuki was his dad Masato Funakoshi, Steven was Bob Van Sant
Dani in the middle sitting down was John Steven O'Brien
Spillman Family (Ukraine)

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