Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MK Spirit Week- Wednesday

A fun and crazy week for missionary kids around the world!
February 10th - 14th
For more information, CLICK HERE.

February 12th
Crazy Clothes Day

Pull out your wackiest, tackiest outfit!

Stripes and polka dots!

Ties and t-shirts!

We don't care what it is as long

as it is as crazy and fun as you are!

(OK, maybe we care a little... no bikinis or immodesty, please.)


(Don't have a blog? That's OK. Send us a picture at .
We will post a few of the pictures we receive right here. Be sure to include the participant's name and country.)

Ben, Gabriel, and Michaela Southern Asia

 Daniel and Abigail Petersen - Uganda

Spillman kids and Yuki Funakoshi (Ukraine)
Meyer Family (Mexico)
Alyssa Tharp-Nordquist (Brazil)
Mikayla (Albania)
Zachary, Hannah and Valerie Gibson in New York City

Mango (Zambia)

Bauer Family (Australia)

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