Saturday, February 15, 2014

MK Spirit Week Round Up

Thank you to all those who particiapted in MK Spirit Week.

We laughed.

We cried.

We smiled.

We pondered.

But the most amazing thing is that we enjoyed an amazing time celebrating some great kids all around the world.

One final opportunity to link your blogs (see bottom.)  I will also be accepting any new photo submissions for the blog posts for a few more days at .

A look back...

Crazy Mustache Monday
Crazy Hair/Hat Day Tuesday
Crazy Clothes Wednesday
Crazy for Christ Missionaries Thursday
Crazy Holiday Friday

From the amazing response received, I am thinking maybe we can now call it the First Annual MK Spirit Week... See you next year!



Jolene Sloan said...

The fun thing about annual events is that they tend to build on previous years and get bigger and better. I'm already looking forward to seeing more MKs join and seeing what they come up with! This was a fun week to follow, and you had some very creative participants. Way to go, MKs!!!

Jen Bauer said...

This was great fun! Glad it's an annual event now!

Jen Bauer said...
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