Friday, March 10, 2017

Ask the College MK... Friday

We are excited to introduce for the first time...

MK Spirit Week,
we here at the In Her Shoes Blog have decided to ask college MKs some questions. And the fun part? They may also be rewarded for taking the time to share their answers!

So here's today's question:


If you could give advice to other MKs about to return to their passport countries for college, what would you say?


Please leave your answer in a comment below, and include your name, age, and country or region of service.


4 randomly selected winners will receive an Amazon gift card: First winner $30, Second winner $20, Third winner $10, and Fourth winner $10

Sponsors for today's gift cards:

Grace Baptist Church,
Bridgeport, West Virginia

Open Door Baptist Church
Clermont, Florida

(Thank you for loving on our MKs!)


To be eligible to win the gift card, we must be able to verify you are in fact a bona fide, true, honest, for real Baptist Missionary Woman's missionary kid currently in college.

The deadline to respond is Saturday, March 11, 2017, 11:59 pm EST.

The winners will be announced March 13, 2017, right here on the blog.


Elisabeth Guay said...

I have not had to return to my passport country because I am pursuing my college education online. I would definitely promise to pray for them as I can only imagine what an emotional roller coaster it would be.

Delayna Schepers said...

Keep your family close and God even closer. So many times when we grow up and leave home we tend to push our family and God away but that's when we need them even more.
Delayna schepers, 19, Dominican Republic

Kyle Boylston said...

Ask God to make you a blessing to others. Get out of your bubble even if it is uncomfortable. Get involved with your Stateside church. Keep in touch with your family. Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar every morning. haha Seriously though, take care of your health and get enough rest. Your body is going through culture shock too. - Kyle Boylston, 19, Pohnpei, FSM

Anonymous said...

Don't refuse to conform to your passport country's culture. Be flexible. Realize that where you grew up will not be the same as your passport country. You will be different, as a third culture kid. That's ok. Be willing to grow and change, and be sure to ask the Lord for grace as you adjust.
Katie Smith, 22, Japan

Kathleen Spillman said...

oh Well, I myself am only beginning college this fall. But I'm excited!! To the MK: Live life to it's fullest!! Keep your health up! Some culture shock, yes...but don't let it set you back! Move on! Try new things! Be flexible. Have a regular walk with God BEFORE you get there. It will not magically appear.

Anonymous said...

Some things that helped with my transition that i highly suggest to others: 1) spend a year of highschool in America in the American school system. You get a lot of social quirks out of the way before going to college. 2) TAKE CLASSES ONLINE!! Get ahead on your education and get some of those gen ed. stuff out of the way. 3) make some friends online from America. Find a trusted site online or get in touch with someone from your home church and just talk to them. Find out how they live and again, watch for how they react to you. As a third culture human you have a lot of quirks Americans dont get, so just be aware enough to get a taste for what is socially acceptable. Be flexible and be ready to change. God had being an MK define your life, and thats ok. But going into college that stage of life passes and you have to learn how to assimilate into your passport culture. Good luck :)
Paul Zemke, 20, Japan

Sally Stensaas said...

Shane Stensaas (22) Uganda: Stay in a constant state of learning. Be teachable. In this your time of growth, you don't have to change who you are are. You just need to mature who you are. Oh, and one more thing...don't take it personally.

Stanley Stensaas (19) Uganda: You will make mistakes; just try not to make them twice. Don't get bitter at the people who correct you.

Charity said...

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