Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ask the College MK... Thursday

We are excited to introduce for the first time...

MK Spirit Week,
we here at the In Her Shoes Blog have decided to ask college MKs some questions. And the fun part? They may also be rewarded for taking the time to share their answers!

So here's today's question:


Were there any ways that being an MK prepared you for college? How?


Please leave your answer in a comment below, and include your name, age, and country or region of service.


4 randomly selected winners will receive an Amazon gift card: First winner $30, Second winner $20, Third winner $10, and Fourth winner $10

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To be eligible to win the gift card, we must be able to verify you are in fact a bona fide, true, honest, for real Baptist Missionary Woman's missionary kid currently in college.

The deadline to respond is Saturday, March 11, 2017, 11:59 pm EST.

The winners will be announced March 13, 2017, right here on the blog.


Elisabeth Guay said...

I definitely think that some aspects of being an MK helped prepare me for college. Being an MK taught me to be flexible, and it expanded my worldview. Both of these are useful in college. Elisabeth Guay, 21, Thailand, Liberty University Online student

Delayna Schepers said...

Definitely!! I lead a Bible club on saterday with a bunch of college students. We go out to a neighborhood and have games and snacks and Bible lessons with the kids. Being an MK I grew up helping my dad with all that stuff so it helped me there. It also helped me to be flexible and gave me a big heart for people. Living in a third world country it showed me how mucheck I have to be grateful for even when college food gets old I know that there are others in the world who have nothing to eat at all.
Delayna schepers, 19, Dominican Republic

Kathleen Spillman said...

People!! Lol. As an MK, being shy was never an option! Going into different churches and meeting new people. I think this will help me a lot when I get to college. And doing Bible clubs or working with bus kids will be easier because of dealing with different cultures and children on a daily basis in Ukraine.
Kathleen Spillman, 18, Ukraine

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... most of my big life changes occured while I was in America going to the Christian school, so I learned a lot then about how to fit in in America. I attribute most of my college preparation to that but shout out to my wonderful, smart Mom who did a great job homeschooling me while on the field!!! I wouldn't be where I am academically if it wasn't for her. Paul Zemke, 20, Japan

familieclark said...

I feel like I've lived out some of the classes. I already understand living in a different culture. I've taken classes on church history and knowing I've been to some of those places in Germany helped. Kaitlyn Clark, age 20, Germany

Anonymous said...

1. Being an MK helped me learn to get along with my roommates. At home we did not have very many Christian friends, so you had to learn to get along with the ones you had.
2. Being an MK helps me understand what other MKs feel like at college and be able to empathize with them.
3. Being an MK helped me become closer to my family. We were very close before college, but the distance, and not being able to visit makes my family more dear to me.
Katie Smith, 22, Japan

Sally Stensaas said...

Shane Stensaas (22) Uganda: Yes. Being able to deal with and interact with people. Keeping a cool head when things don't go according to plan.

Stanley Stensaas (19) Uganda: Yes. Expect things not to go according to plan. Also, the things I was taught as an MK apply to my studies here.

Charity said...

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